Essential Oils for Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a disease that affects the central nervous system. Throughout the stages of progression, MS can cause a plethora of problematic symptoms. Essential oils for multiple sclerosis can help reduce symptoms that occur directly from the disease or as a result of treatments.

Understanding Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is a disease caused when the immune system begins attacking the protective covering around nerves. As this myelin deteriorates, the nerves have difficulty transmitting signals from the brain to the body. Damage to the nerves can also lead to groups of scar tissue called lesions. In addition to the nerve damage, lesions can cause symptoms. Common symptoms include pain, numbness, muscle spasms, fatigue, mental confusion, and difficulty with balance and walking.

Symptoms experienced are often related to the stage of multiple sclerosis. In its early stage, the symptoms may be minimal or there may not be any symptoms at all. The MS symptoms in early stages of the disease may also come and go in a cycle called relapse-remission. Later stages are often marked by more severe symptoms. Initial treatments can be used to slow the disease’s progression and calm symptoms, but as the disease progresses the treatments may not be as effective.

Beneficial Essential Oils for Multiple Sclerosis

#1 Peppermint Oil

For many years, peppermint oil has been helpful in relieving numerous symptoms. It mainly works to combat difficulty concentrating and mental fatigue. Peppermint oil can stimulate the mind, reduce muscle pain, and reduce headache pain.

#2 Cypress Oil

Cypress oil is known to have a calming effect. It can soothe nerves to help provide relief for muscle pain. In addition, cypress oil can also be used to alleviate diarrhea and regulate breathing.

#3 Basil Oil

There are many potential benefits of basil oil. It has antispasmodic, antidepressant, and analgesic properties. Basil oil can help reduce depression, muscle spasms and pain, and increase mental strength.

#4 Juniper Oil

Also used in reducing symptoms from cystitis and gout, juniper oil has relaxant properties. For MS, it can help provide a calming effect that eases tension. It may also help with bladder issues.

#5 Marjoram Oil

Marjoram oil is widely used as an essential oil in therapeutic massage. It has a natural warming effect that is soothing for many people. This essential oil also acts as a relaxant and can help reduce muscle pain and spasms.

Using essential oils for multiple sclerosis can be particularly helpful in reducing the occurrence or severity of MS symptoms. Since therapeutic massage is important for MS patients, using these oils with carrier oils can help a massage session to be more beneficial. These essential oils can also be added to bath water, diffusers, or oil warmers for aromatherapy.

Ultimately, there is no cure for multiple sclerosis. In the early stages, treatments are used to slow the degeneration and damage of the nerves. Once the disease has progressed, treatment is designed to deal with the symptoms that occur. Essential oils can be used as a part of this treatment. In some cases, the relief provided from essential oil use can provide more relief than medications. For other people, the essential oils can help the effectiveness of medications.