Essential Oils for Mouth Ulcers

Aphthous ulcers, otherwise known as mouth ulcers, are small open sores that can develop inside a person’s mouth, on their tongue, on the roof of the mouth, inside the cheeks or lips, or between the cheeks and gums.

The ulcers begin as a tingling and burning sensation with a bit of swelling. The middle of the ulcer is normally white in color and is surrounded in red, which is painful to the touch.

These ulcers can last anywhere from a few days to up to three weeks or more. Then they ultimately heal and leave no scar.

There are a couple of causes for mouth ulcers. One is a mild viral infection that’s been contracted from a source. Another cause is a state of high stress and anxiety.

When you contract a mouth ulcer, it’s best to avoid spicy or acidic foods, alcohol, coffee or foods that are hard to chew. These all bring on more pain to the site of the ulcer.

Essential Oils for Mouth Ulcers That Work

For immediate relieve, take a cotton bud and dip it in a bit of Tea Tree oil. Apply it directly to the ulcer and it’ll help dull the pain. It’s one of the most effective essential oils for mouth ulcers.

To further treat your mouth ulcers, try these mouthwashes.

Make a Soothing and Healing Mouthwash

There are two different simple types of mouthwash you can make. Both will dull the pain of your mouth ulcers while helping to speed along the healing process.

The first recipe is super simple:

Start with 500 ml of boiled water that you’ve let cool until it’s warm. Add 5 ml of salt and two drops of Tea Tree oil. Swish around in your mouth for about a minute, paying close attention to the affected area. Spit out. Repeat three to four times a day until the ulcer is gone.

Another effective mouthwash to try goes like this:

  • 2 drops of Thyme oil
  • 2 drops of Peppermint oil
  • 2 drops of Tea Tree oil
  • 2 drops of lemon oil
  • 2 drops of Geranium oil
  • 10 ml of brandy (yes brandy)
  • 1 glass boiled, then cooled warm water

Stir the mixture together, then take a comfortable mouthful of the solution. Swish it around inside your mouth for at least a minute, again playing close attention to the areas where you have painful mouth ulcers.

The taste will be “interesting” but you’re not doing this for flavor. You’re doing it to relieve your pain and help speed along the healing process.

Spit out the mouthwash after about a minute, then repeat three to four times a day as necessary.

Put the remaining glass of mouthwash in the fridge and warm it up later for your next use.

These essential oils for mouth ulcers will really help you get past the pain much faster.

With these two simple and effective approaches, you’ll reduce your pain and healing time. Give them a try the next time you have a mouth ulcer.