Essential Oils for Male Enhancement

Once in a while, society has had different views on the importance of the size of the male genitalia. Some are of the ideology that the bigger the penis, the better the performance. On the other hand, there is another group of people who argue that sexual performance comes in handy than size. Regardless of the side taken by different people, the fact remains that there is a huge difference between a small and large penis. A sexual encounter with a large penis is more exhilarating as compared to one with a small penis. This, therefore, brings to light the importance of enhancing the penis, and let’s discuss essential oils for male enhancement.

The urgency to have a big penis that keeps your partner satisfied has seen an increase in the types of products believed to play a significant role in enhancing the penis. For instance, some people have relied on pills, while others have opted to undergo surgery.

Even though some of these male enhancing strategies may work, relying on natural essential oils for male enhancement purposes can yield better results.

Essential oils are plant extracts that contain different types of chemical components that make up the aroma of the plant. When used as male enhancers, these essential oils can have varying results based on what the user prefers. The following is a breakdown of five essential oils that can be used for male enhancement purposes.

5 Essential Oils for Male Enhancement

#1 Ginger

For decades, ginger has found its importance in the medical field, thanks to its oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. According to a study conducted in 2014, it was established that the daily consumption of ginger helped in stimulating the production of sperms and reduced male infertility. When used accordingly, ginger can enhance the sexual productivity of men, stimulate their sperm production, and, most importantly, prolong sexual intercourse.

#2 Watermelon Seed

Research conducted on rats in a 2013 study found out that the daily administration of watermelon seed extracts increased the sperm motility and eventual concentration as compared to another group of rats that were not subjected to the same oil extracts. In humans, these seeds have also been found to stimulate the production of sperms, prolong erections, and maintain an active sexual performance.

#3 Cinnamon

Cinnamon oil extracts can also be used for male enhancement purposes. The notion behind this argument can be based on the fact that research has found Cinnamon extracts to stimulate the production of testosterone and improve the overall sexual functioning. Additionally, the production of sperms has also been found to increase when cinnamon extracts are used for male enhancement purposes.

#4 Aloe Vera

For decades, aloe vera extracts have been used for various purposes, such as skin toning and healing of wounds. From a sexual perspective, the oil extracts have been found to stimulate testosterone production and stimulate cell division. When cells divide evenly, the penis has a better chance of increasing in size and girth. Additionally, sperms are produced in large numbers, an instance that promotes increased fertility and improved sexual activity.

#5 Nutmeg

Nutmeg is another oil extract that has been found to play a crucial role in male enhancement purposes. In South Asia, for instance, Nutmeg oil extracts are commonly known as (Unani Medicine), and the traditional doctors in the region have used these extracts to treat sexual dysfunction in men. Additionally, according to research, nutmeg oil extracts have been associated with increased sexual activity in rats. When applied in human beings, nutmeg oil extracts can enhance growth, improved sexual performance, and boost the production of testosterone.