Essential Oils for Horses

Were you aware that essential oils have been shown to be a vital tool in creating healthier, happier horses? The oils provide the same healing benefits for horses as they do in humans.

As a matter of fact, horses seem to be naturally drawn to essential oils. Almost every horse seems to be curious about essential oils, and some even try to put the bottles directly into their mouths (yikes!).

Let’s take a look at essential oils for horses that you can start using sooner rather than later.

Best Essential Oils for Horses

#1 Valor Oil

Some consider Valor to be a Chiropractor in a bottle. It helps to align physical bodies, as well as align emotional and mental well-being. It also relieves pain.

Valor is a highly empowering blend of oils that increases self-esteem and confidence. Yes, horses need this as much as humans do. It’s relaxing, grounding and balancing.

To use, apply just one drop to the heel bulb on each hoof. Then apply one to two drops into your hands and rub into the poll. Repeat this for the sacrum, withers, and shoulders.

After the application, hold one of your hands over their heart while holding the other on their back or sacrum. Relax and breathe. Send them your love.

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#2 Peace and Calming Oil

If your horse is experiencing anxiety, agitation or restlessness, this gentle blend is perfect for them. Just like the name of the oil implies, it helps promote peace and calms their nervous system.

As an application, put a couple of drops directly into your hands and rub them together. Cup your hands near or around the horse’s nostrils and let them inhale it.

Do this a few times while looking for subtle signs of emotional release and relaxation. You should notice deep sighs, as well as licking and chewing.

#3 Lavender Oil

This might be one of the most versatile essential oils available. After all, what can’t it be used for?

Use Lavender oil to treat scrapes, cuts, tumors, and bruises. It will also encourage positive cell regeneration and relax your horse’s tense muscles. Lavender oil is one that you should always keep well within reach.

Your horse will enjoy inhaling it or having it applied to its spine. Put several drops into a glass spray bottle mixed with water and use it as a spray for wounds. Apply it directly to sore muscles, bruises or cuts.

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#4 Thieves Oil

This essential oil blend is highly antiseptic, cleansing, anti-microbial and anti-fungal. You can give it to your horse orally to help boost overall immune function when the horse is experiencing minor colds or pneumonia.

It’s also an incredible thrush treatment for the hooves.

To use, place a few drops on and along the heel and frog area. You can also use it to treat scratches.

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Essential Oils for Horses That Really Work

Try these essential oils for horses and see how much they’ll love them. You’ll soon learn that they enjoy them just as much as we do.