Essential Oils for Heavy Periods

Menorrhagia, or heavy menstrual bleeding, affects around one in every five women. Common symptoms of this condition include a flow that soaks through multiple pads or tampons within a few hours, quarter-sized blood clots, and menstrual bleeding that lasts more than seven days. It may be hard to decipher heavy menstrual bleeding being that many women believe their blood flow is heavy. The average menstrual bleeding cycle lasts between four and five days and releases two to three tablespoons while menorrhagia’s bleeding cycle lasts over seven days with twice as much blood flow.

There are a number of causes for menorrhagia, like hormone imbalance. This imbalance causes endometrium overproduction, which is shed during menstruation and results in heavier blood flow. Another cause of this condition is ovary malfunction. When the hormone progesterone isn’t produced during ovulation, it creates hormonal imbalance and can lead to menorrhagia. In more serious cases, heavy menstrual bleeding can be a sign of miscarriage or even cancer.

Many women turn to natural remedies to help with menorrhagia symptoms, including using essential oils for heavy periods. Essential oil aromatherapy is a great remedy for relieving additional symptoms associated with heavy menstrual bleeding including headaches and cramping. Essential oils can also be diluted and applied topically to relieve symptoms.

5 Best Essential Oils for Heavy Periods

#1 Cypress Oil

Cypress oil is recognized for its woody scent. Cypress helps regulate blood flow by blocking the blood vessels from overproducing blood. This oil is also used to reduce the amount of headaches while simultaneously relieving pain associated with cramping. This remedy works quickly if applied two to three days prior to an expected period. Take five drops of Cypress oil and add it to ten drops of almond or the carrier oil of your choice. Massage this mixture into the midsection for thirty minutes prior to laying down to better regulate hormones.

#2 Geranium Oil

Similar to Cypress oil, geranium oil is great for regulating blood flow. Oftentimes, irregular hormones are the cause of heavier bleeding, so using Geranium oil can help to balance hormones and menstrual periods. Keep in mind, Geranium oil has an intense scent, so use it sparingly. Mix three drops of oil into a carrier oil and massage the mixture in a circular motion on the pelvic area. This should be done at least two days prior to menstruation.

#3 Clary Sage Oil

Clary sage oil has numerous health benefits. In addition to eliminating bloating, headaches, and mood swings, this oil is known for curing hormonal imbalance, which causes a heavier flow. Clary sage oil also works as a natural relaxant. Rather than applying this oil topically, put three drops into a heat-safe container with hot water and inhale the steam a week prior to the expected period.

#4 Rose Oil

Rose oil cures hormonal imbalance, regulates menstruation flow, and shortens longer periods. This soothing oil has a nice fragrance and helps alleviate pain quickly. Blend rose, lavender, jojoba, and rose oils and apply the mixture multiple four times daily. This remedy is especially great after showering.

#5 Bergamot Oil

Known as an effective mood regulator, bergamot oil is great for regulating menstrual cycles. This oil balances the hormones responsible for heavier periods, so adding bergamot oil to a diffuser or making a compress is a healthy alternative to over the counter medications.

For minor hormonal changes, essential oil blends may be the key to fixing heavier periods. Be sure to consult a healthcare provider prior to using essential oils to avoid any potential irritation or other side effects.