Essential Oils for Grief

Losing a loved one or close friend can feel impossibly difficult. Instantly, a hole is left in your life and heart. While well-intentioned people try to say all of the right things to help you feel better, the reality is that the pain still feels unbearable.

You’re sad, angry, heartbroken, confused and lonely. While only time will begin to repair the open emotional wounds you’re experiencing, there are some essential oils that can help bring a certain measure of comfort during this process.

Let’s take a look at some essential oils for grief.

Best Essential Oils for Grief

Citrus oils such as bergamot, lemon, grapefruit, lime, tangerine, and mandarin bring feelings of joy and can be very uplifting. They are similar in character to the fruits they are derived from, in that they bring forth a sense of life realized. Their essence reminds us that it’s possible to move forward in life.

#1 Bergamot Oil

Bergamot oil is bright, cheerful and comforting. It can help encourage you to let go of the emotions that no longer positively serve you. It’s also an anti-depressant. It brings subtle emotions of joy.

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#2 Grapefruit Oil

Grapefruit oil is another oil that can help pull you through the feelings of resentment and anger about the death of your loved one. It’s known to dispel blame, frustration, and anger when you’re overwhelmed by a loss.

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#3 Lemon Oil

Lemon oil will assist you in focussing on what’s truly important in your life. It helps restore your emotional balance and rid yourself of confusion about your loss. It’s hard to feel angry while diffusion lemon oil around your home.

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#4 Cedarwood Oil

Think of Cedarwood oil as an oil that will help give you the strength of tall trees and how they grow over many years, through all conditions.

Just like your life, they have been through storms, floods, fires, and various disasters. Yet they continue to bloom and stand stronger and stronger every year.

Cedarwood enhances our ability to weather life’s storms while we stand tall.

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#5 Cinnamon Leaf Oil

Leaf oil in aromatherapy represents strength, nourishment, protection and fulfilled emotions. They have a way of letting your light back in.

Cinnamon leaf oil has a warm, penetrating presence that helps invigorate and uplift your passion for life. It also helps your ability to remain in the moment.

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#6 Frankincense Oil

The sap and resin of our trees are similar to life’s blood in that it seals, protects and heals wounds. Just as a physical wound, essential oils based in resin are well-known to help heal emotional wounds.

Frankincense has been used for spirituality and worship for millennia. It truly helps us be closer to the faith we hold onto. The scent of this oil allows us to navigate overwhelming thoughts that attempt to prevent us from stability and growth.

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The Power of Essential Oils for Grief

Grief is one of the most powerful human emotions that we will experience in the journey called life. They say that only time will heal all wounds. While that may have some truth to it, diffusing these essential oils while you continue to carry on day-to-day can certainly help.