Essential Oils for Gout

Commonly known as the disease of kings, gout can be extremely uncomfortable. Gout is a type of arthritis, or swelling of the joints, caused by excess uric acid. What does that mean exactly? Well uric acid is a substance that the body produces when digesting purines. Purines can be found in red meats, organ meats, and fruit sugars, among other foods. Diets that are rich in these foods, which used to be considered luxury foods, can greatly increase your chances of developing gout which is why gout is known as the disease of kings. Let’s delve deeper on how to use the best essential oils for gout relief.

Unfortunately, one does not have to be royal for your body to produce too much uric acid or for it to be unable to metabolize the uric acid it produces. The excess uric acid forms tiny blade-like crystals that can gather in joints, particularly the first joint of the big toe, causing excruciating pain. Gout attacks can be quite sudden and because it is so painful right from the start, it can be scary. You should seek medical treatment for gout, but if you are unable to receive immediate medical treatment, here are a few essential oils for gout that can help to ease the pain caused by this royal ailment.

5 Best Essential Oils for Gout

#1 Ginger Oil

Ginger oil, with its strong spicy scent can be very warming and invigorating just by itself, but when combined with other essential oils to treat gout, it can have a powerful effect. Shown to help with inflammation and kidney function, ginger oil should definitely be on your list for gout treatment.

#2 Wintergreen Oil

Wintergreen oil can also have a warming affect when applied to sore joints and muscles. Not meant for consumption, this oil is best used in a rub or as aromatherapy. It can help with inflammation and kidney function as well as general aches and pains, so wintergreen oil is good to have on hand in general.

#3 Celery Seed Oil

Everyone knows that celery is good for you. It is a go-to food for dieters and healthy people alike. But did you know that the humble celery seed is great for helping with joint pain as well? Celery seed oil is a great essential oil for gout, not only because it helps with inflammation, but also because it specifically helps with those pesky uric acid crystals we mentioned earlier. Celery seed oil can help to control the uric acid levels in the body which can even prevent gout attacks before they happen.

#4 Fennel Oil

Fennel oil can help with gout in two ways, from the outside and the inside. Applied topically, fennel can help to relieve aches and pains, such as the joint swelling caused by gout. Taken internally, fennel has diuretic properties that can help the body flush out excess uric acid. Fennel is not recommended for people who are pregnant or epileptic and should not be taken internally in high doses, so exercise moderation.

#5 Olive Leaf Oil

Olive leaf oil is commonly used for all forms of arthritis because it can relieve many of the painful symptoms, such as swelling. Olive leaf oil also has antioxidant properties, making it useful in preventing gout as well as treating it.

How to Use Your Essential Oils for Gout

All of the oils mentioned here can be used topically to treat swelling and pain. Start out by soaking the sore joint in cold water. Once you have dried the area, apply a few drops of the desired oil mixed into whichever carrier oil you prefer. Massage the oil into the painful area and follow up with a hot damp towel. Make sure you do not make the towel too hot, this is meant to relaxing and helpful, not uncomfortable.

There are many recipes available for essential oil massaging oils that can help with joint pain and sore muscles. Be sure to ask your essential oil provider for more ideas on how to use essential oils for gout.