Essential Oils for Ganglion Cyst

A ganglion cyst is a sac of fluid that forms over a joint or tendon. A jelly-like substance is inside of the cyst, and the growths can form in one large mass or a smaller collection of cysts. Ganglion cysts are also referred to as Bible cysts and occur more often in men than women. About 70% of people with ganglion cysts are between the ages of 20 and 40.

The cause of ganglion cysts is unknown, and the growths usually occur in the wrist area, on the fingers or on the outside of the ankle or knee. In some cases, there is joint pain associated with the cyst, which leads many doctors to believe that the cyst forms due to malfunctioning tendons or joints. Additional ganglion cyst symptoms include weakness at the cyst site, swelling and changes in the size of the cyst.

While draining the cyst to release the fluid or gel-like substance in the growth can bring relief, the cysts will disappear by themselves in some cases. There are also essential oils for ganglion cyst you can use to improve range of motion in your ankles or wrists and reduce the size of the cyst.

Using Essential Oils for Ganglion Cyst

#1 Frankincense

This oil is ideal for treating ganglion cysts because it has an anti-tumor effect on the body. Frankincense is anti-inflammatory and will reduce the swelling around the cyst as well. The oil promotes collagen production as well, so it can help to heal the area where the cysts have formed by strengthening tendons and improving joint function.

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#2 Juniper Berry

Since juniper berry oil is a diuretic, it helps the body to expel excess fluid, which will reduce the size of your cyst. The oil has lymph draining properties and will prompt the body to release the fluid in the cyst. Juniper berry oil is also an antioxidant and will speed up the healing process.

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#3 Lemon Eucalyptus

A combination of eucalyptus and lemon oils helps to reduce swelling quickly and reduce pain around the site of the cyst. The oil is also a local sedative which helps alleviate discomfort. Lemon eucalyptus also helps to boost your mood, which is helpful for giving you a more positive outlook as you go through the healing process and work to rid your body of ganglion cysts.

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Keep in mind that essential oils are sensitive to heat, oxygen and light, so be sure to store them properly. If you’re using oils with citrus accents, these oils will have a short shelf life, so purchasing the oil in small amounts can help you save money. The oils are also extremely concentrated, so a small amount of oil can be very effective in treating ganglion cysts. If you’re using a carrier oil for your essential oil treatment, choose oils like coconut or olive oil, which are also good for the skin and provide needed nutrients and moisture.