Essential Oils for Fruit Flies

Summer is the season most of us love. Warm weather, pools and beaches, and other summertime fun always make the heartbeat a little bit faster. But, summer also brings its fair share of headaches, including mosquitoes and fruit flies, to the dismay of many. If you want to keep fruit flies out of your kitchen but hate the idea of using toxic products or spending a small fortune on products to treat the problem, you’ll be happy to know that a plethora of natural remedies treat fruit flies just as well as those expensive solutions at the home improvement center.

A few essential oils for fruit flies proven to rid this annoying pest from your home include the top picks listed below.

Best Essential Oils for Fruit Flies

#1 Clove Oil

Clove is oftentimes used in the kitchen when preparing holiday meals and during other times of the year. It’s also beneficial for toothaches and numerous other health concerns. But, clove oil also rids a kitchen of fruit flies fairly quickly and without a lot of effort required. If you experience a problem with fruit flies, try a bit of clove oil to remedy the problem.

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#2 Eucalyptus Oil

Most people enjoy the refreshing scent and comforts they get from eucalyptus oil but it’s a much different story for fruit flies. They strongly dislike the smell and will stray as far away as possible from the scent.

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#3 Lavender

Lavender is known for its relaxing properties. It’s a favorite essential oil for adults who want a bit of comfort in their day. But, fruit flies aren’t so keen on lavender. If you have fruit flies in the home and any lavender essential oil, use it to eliminate the problem.

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#4 Lemongrass Oil

Lemongrass oil is highly effective in treating fruit flies. Fill a spray bottle with water and add 10 drops of lemongrass oil. Spray the oil/water concoction in areas where you see fruit flies. In no time, any active fruit flies will die off and risks of any future infestations are eliminated.

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#5 Peppermint Oil

Peppermint is another smell that fruit flies simply don’t like. They’ll also avoid any area with a peppermint smell. Place a few cotton balls dipped in peppermint essential oil in the area where fruit flies are present and watch them quickly dissipate. It’s a simple and easy trick that really works.

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Stop Fruit Flies With Essential Oils

Essential oils provide relief for a variety of concerns around the home, including the treatment of fruit flies. Although other oils eliminate the problem, those listed above are the best and most commonly used products. Try them out at your home if you notice a problem with fruit flies and discover an easy and affordable fruit flies solution.