Essential Oils for Fibroids

Many women experience the pain, heaving bleeding, and general discomfort that is associated with uterine fibroids. Some fibroid sufferers opt to have surgery. However, in many cases the non-cancerous growths eventually grow back. Fortunately, there are potent natural remedies that may provide relief to women who are in search of natural treatments for fibroids. For many, essential oils for fibroids may bring relief.

5 Best Essential Oils for Fibroids

#1 Frankincense Oil

Frankincense oil is one of several essential oils that can be used to balance the hormones and endocrine system. Active compounds called sesquiterpenes restore harmony to various glands in the body to ultimately achieve balance in the reproductive system. Frankincense also helps the body flush out toxins that contribute to fibroid growth. In the early stages of uterine fibroids, frankincense can be very effective at preventing growth and in some cases eliminating small fibroids before the patient requires surgery.

#2 Thyme Oil

In addition to improving reproductive health, thyme essential oil also supports the immune system, respiratory system, digestive, nervous, and other body systems. Thyme is a staple in the treatment of many conditions due to its antibacterial, antispasmodic, antioxidant, and general calming properties. The active ingredient thymol encourages the production of progesterone, which can balance hormones that would otherwise feed the growth of fibroid tumors.

#3 Clary Sage

Another essential oil that directly affects hormone production, clary sage reduces excess estrogen that may fuel fibroid growth if left unchecked. Clary sage also supports thyroid function and reduces cortisol.

#4 Lavender Oil

Most popular for its culinary flavor and clean, calming fragrance, lavender oil is also often recommended as a carrier oil when using essential oils for fibroid treatment. However, lavender is more than a carrier. It also has properties that support hormone balance. Lavender also restores the nervous system and adrenal glands. When using this particular oil alone or in combination with others, you will also likely experience a reduction in headaches, decreased anxiety, improved depression, and less emotional stress.

#5 Rose Oil

Similar to lavender, rose essential oil is often well-received for its light, floral fragrance. However, rose oil can be leveraged as a powerful weapon against fibroids. Rose oil encourages a healthy balance of estrogen and progesterone. It also supports healthy liver function, which is essential for the proper metabolism of estrogen. Rose oil also tones the uterus, delays menopause, and treats abnormal bleeding.

How to Use Essential Oils for Fibroids

There are three main ways fibroid sufferers can use essential oils as an all-natural therapy to treat the condition. The easiest way to use essential oils is to diffuse them and inhale them in the air. Oil may also be applied topically to the abdomen. When using oils topically, it is typically necessary to dilute warmer oils in a milder carrier oil to prevent skin irritation from the therapeutic oil’s potency. A third option is to mix oils into a therapeutic honey or consume in the form of a tincture. Be sure to use natural, organic, food grade oils, especially when making honeys and tinctures. Follow directions carefully when applying oils topically and when consuming them internally.