Essential Oils for Eye Infection

Most eye infections, caused by viruses or bacteria, can be treated naturally at home. They might be contagious and often come in tandem with redness, swelling, itchiness, discharge and burning of the eyes. You can treat the symptoms naturally with essential oils for eye infection.

There are several types of eye infections. Four of the most common eye infection are:

Pink Eye, or Conjunctivitis:

This is an inflammation of the membranes covering the whites of the eyes (conjunctiva) and the inner part of the eyelids. Pink eye can be bacterial, viral or it might come from allergies. Pink eye will give your eyes a reddish tint, a watery discharge and itchiness and discomfort.


Infectious keratitis happens when the cornea of your eye gets infected. Your cornea is the clear layer that covers your pupil and iris. It can be bacterial, viral, parasitic or fungal. Some symptoms can include pain in the eye, redness and swelling, loss of or blurry vision, pain when the affected eye is closed and sensitivity to light. Weakness of the immune system, humidity and the use of contact lenses all make keratitis more likely.


This refers to an infection of the eyelids. It is usually caused by clogged oil glands inside the skin behind the base of your eyelashes. Symptoms include itchiness, redness and swelling on the eyelid, a sensation of burning in the eyes, tearing, sensitivity to light and a crusty discharge on the eyelashes.


Endophthalmitis is a severe inflammation of the inside of the eye stemming from a bacterial or fungal infection. The most common cause of endophthalmitis is from candida fungal infections. This generally happens after eye surgeries or if your eye is penetrated by something. Symptoms to be aware of are blurry vision, mild to severe eye pain, vision loss and swelling around the eye and eyelids.

Essential oils for eye infection is a very effective treatment. They are especially useful when long term use of pharmaceutical medicines are prescribed but undesired. A recent study in China has shown beneficial effects of essential oil treatments on patients suffering from eye infections. Below are the five best essential oils to use for eye infections. Essential oils should never be used directly in the eye and when using them for the sensitive area near the eye, they should be heavily diluted with a carrier oil, butter or cream, such as jojoba oil, almond oil, coconut oil or shea butter.

Best Essential Oils for Eye Infection

#1 Melaleuca Oil or Tea Tree Oil

Melaleuca, or tea tree oil, is very helpful for infections on the eyelids and lashes. Tea tree oil can be mixed into a carrier oil and, with a cotton ball, dabbed around the eyes and eyelids. This can be mixed with eucalyptus, which is another great oil for pain relief and cooling down hot, painful eyes.

#2 Helichrysum Oil

Helichrysum is great to use in a cooling compress for hot, red, itchy eyes. Mix 2 drops of the oil with four tablespoons of rose water and half a cup of aloe vera gel. Mix the rose water and aloe vera before adding the helichrysum. Put the mixture on circular cotton pads and place the pads over your closed eyes to get relief.

You can use these essential oils for eye infection with facial steaming. This requires a large bowl, very hot water, a towel and two drops of lavender oil. Bring a liter of water to boil and transfer it into the large bowl, add the lavender and then place your head over the steam, allowing it to reach your eyes. Put the towel over your head to prevent the steam from escaping. The lavender will soothe your eyes and fight the infection. Used properly, essential oils can be great for treating many types of eye infections.