Essential Oils for Dark Spots Reviewed 2022

The essential oils for dark spots could be what you need to finally remove those rigid dark spots from your skin that are stopping you from stepping out. If you suffer from dark spots on the skin, you’ve probably spent years trying to remove them with various, ineffective methods. Although you shouldn’t feel embarrassed by them, you might.

You just want them gone.

Whether your dark spots are sun spots, age spots or hyperpigmentation, you’re looking to get rid of them once and for all.

Here, you’ll learn all about the best three essential oils for dark spots on your skin. This might be just the information you’ve been looking for.

3 Essential Oils for Dark Spots

#1 Lemon Oil

Essential Oils for Dark Spots Reviewed 2022

This is probably the most popular essential oil for dark spots due to sun spots, age spots or hyperpigmentation. The reason is that it has natural bleaching properties that work to lighten the skin over time.

It’s derived from lemon peels and is ultra-concentrated. It contains limonene, which is known to be a natural ingredient that bleaches the skin. Another benefit of limonene is that is balances out the overall tone of your skin by removing dead cells on the surface.

Lemon oil can be highly effective for people suffering from hyperpigmentation. Just remember that it contains furanocoumarin compounds that will increase your skin’s overall sensitivity to the sun’s UV light.

Avoid applying lemon oil during the day or exposing your skin to the sun’s direct light for a minimum of 12 hours after applying it. Doing so will worsen hyperpigmentation.

Instead, apply the oil at night and dilute it with a carrier oil such as coconut or jojoba oil. You can even mix a few drops of lemon essential oil directly into your night cream.

#2 Carrot Seed Oil

This is another one of the best essential oils to use for dark spots on the skin. It’s derived from the carrot seeds of wild carrot plants. Believe it or not, it takes about 3,000 seeds to make a single teaspoon of the potent carrot seed oil.

It’s incredibly rich in beta carotene, which is the antioxidant that appears orange in carrots.

Beta carotene reduces how dark pigment forms on the skin by inhibiting something called tyrosinase, which is an enzyme that produces melanin. Because of this, it can be helpful for treating melasma and dark spots.

#3 Sandalwood Oil

To produce sandalwood oil, the sandalwood trees need to mature for as many as 80 years before the oil can be extracted. Sandalwood oil has been used for thousands of years because it relieves skin irritations and rashes.

It’s also well known for soothing itchy skin and fading scar tissue. Sandalwood is great for the skin and helps dimish skin discolorations and dark spots as well.

To use sandalwood on your dark spots, dilute it in a carrier oil and apply directly to the skin.

Find Your Best Essential Oils

Any one of these three essential oils for dark spots could be what you’re looking for to finally rid yourself of the areas of your skin that have been bothering you.

Try all three and see which one works best for you.