Essential Oils for Creativity

Creativity is an essential part of everybody’s life. It plays into a lot of factors in a person’s life and can play a large role in their careers. It has been proven that essential oils are a great thing that can help with boosting creativity. The essential oil stimulates the brain and causes certain messages in the brain to fire that enhances positivity and relaxation, which helps to let the creativity flow. Even the famous Leonardo Da Vinci was known to use Neroli oil to help his creativity. Below is a list of the best five essential oils for creativity.

#1 Bergamot

The bergamot essential oils have a wonderful smell that is known for helping people stay focused and alert even in crazy times. It has a very citrusy smell with some slightly floral notes. It is a great essential oil for decreasing stress, which can help with boosting a person’s creativity.

#2 Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a common smell that a lot of people love. It can a very spicy smell on its own, but it is commonly paired with sugar for a much sweeter smell that puts people in mind of baked goods. It helps to boost focus as well as wonderful feelings of well-being because it provides some motivation and energy. It has also been known to help create a loving and harmonious feeling, which helps with relaxation for creativity.

#3 Cloves

Clove essential oil is known to have a very hot and sweet-spicy smell with slightly fruity notes. This smell is very well known for helping give the user a better sense of self-understanding while allowing them to feel contentment. Once a person feels very content and understands themselves better, their creativity can flow a lot easier and be boosted.

#4 Cypress

Cypress, especially cypress essential oil, is known to have a very woody and spicy smell because it is derived from the leaves of a cypress tree. This essential oil can help increase a person’s self-awareness and boost their focus while helping to keep them very relaxed and calm.

#5 Eucalyptus

The essential oil made out of eucalyptus has a very piney and minty smell with a very slight hint of honey to it. With this essential oil having such a fresh and crisp smell, it helps create mental clarity, boosts enthusiasm, and helps create a better understanding, which greatly helps with enhancing creativity.

While these are some of the most common essential oils that are used by people to help boost their creativity, they are by no means the only ones. A person needs to make sure that they pick one or several that works for them because they each have a very unique smell. Some essential oil smells can be very potent, which can lead to bothering people after long exposures by causing them to develop headaches. This means that it is wise to sample different essential oil smells in order to find just the right one that will not cause any negative effects before using it on a regular base.