Essential Oils for Body Odor

Body odor is something that people deal with from the time that they are an older child through their adult years. There are different ways that a person can take on the sweat that their body is producing and the smell that it is bringing about. There are ways that a person can use essential oils for body odor to help keep their body from stinking, even when they are sweating. The essential oils that are helpful when a person is smelly can be mixed with a carrier oil in order to make them safe for use on the body. They can then be applied to the skin to help fight body odor.

How to Use Essential Oils for Body Odor Elimination

1. Consider the Freshness of Lemon:

There is a special kind of scent that comes from lemon essential oil, and this scent can help a person feel confident and happy. This is a popular oil choice for those who are cleaning their homes, and when applied to a person’s underarm, lemon essential oil can help balance out a person’s PH levels. It is important for the one considering using lemon to fight body odors to test this oil on their underarm, to make sure that there is no reaction, before they apply too much of it.

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2. Tackle the Odor and Germs with Tea Tree Oil:

If someone is looking to do more than tackle odors, it is important to know that tea tree oil is known as being an anti-fungal and antiseptic. This oil is one that can help a person feel confident that they do not stink and also feel good about the fact that they are looking out for their body. This oil can be combined with other oils if a person would prefer a different scent for their underarms.

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3. Choose Relaxing Lavender:

Those who are looking to apply essential oils for body odors may want to choose a scent that will help them feel relaxed throughout the day. When a person uses lavender essential oil on their underarm, they will have a scent that carries with them throughout the day to help them relax when things get stressful.

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4. Consider Rosemary:

Rosemary can help with stress and it can also block odors. These two herb-based essential oil options smell fresh and can help fight body odors. Studies show that rosemary essential oil helps reduce tissue inflammation and is thought to fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria strains that cause body odor.

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5. Essential Oils Cover Scents and Fight Other Issues:

Whether a person chooses to apply essential oils in a carrier oil only or they create their own deodorant with essential oils added for scent, they will find that essential oils can do a lot to neutralize and overcome body odors. It is important for anyone who is thinking of using essential oils for body odor to make sure that their skin does not react to any of the oils that they are thinking of applying.