Essential Oils for Bell’s Palsy

Bell’s Palsy is named after Sir Charles Bell who first brought cases of this condition in front of the Royal Society of London in 1829.

The condition is a nerve disorder of a person’s face, where a sudden paralysis impacts the muscles on one side of the face at a time. It gives the one suffering from it an appearance of a sort of lop-sided face. The sufferer also loses the ability to blink in one eye.

On average about 15 out of 100,000 individuals suffer from Bell’s Palsy each year.

Top Essential Oils for Bell’s Palsy

Here, we’ll take a look at what essential oils for Bell’s Palsy can be used to help treat the condition.

#1 Lavender Oil

Lavender is most commonly used for anxiety and stress relief. Beyond Lavender’s stress-relieving characteristics, it’s also highly effective in reducing physical pain that is due in part to nervous system disorders.

Lavender helps reduce inflammation caused by Bell’s Palsy while soothing the discomfort and pain that sufferers feel.

To use, mix six drops of the Lavender oil with a carrier oil such as olive oil or coconut oil. Rub it directly into the neck and face, paying closest attention to the areas of the face that are most affected.

Repeat the process three to four times every day.

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#2 Peppermint Oil

Most people think of Peppermint as a chewing gum flavor or a flavor in beverages. But as you’ll see, Peppermint also has powerful characteristics that make it useful as one of the healing essential oils for Bell’s Palsy.

Peppermint oil contains a high amount of menthol. Menthol soothes the discomfort and pain that comes with this particular condition. Beyond that, it has antispasmodic properties that comfort nerves in the face.

To use on Bell’s Palsy conditions, mix six drops of Peppermint oil into a carrier oil such as castor or coconut. Rub the mixture directly into the areas that are affected.

This process can be repeated three to four times every day.

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#3 Rosemary Oil

Rosemary works to deeply relieve pain that comes from this type of paralysis of the face. It has potent components that have a positive impact on the brain and nervous system. Because of this, it’s a wonderful solution when looking for essential oils for Bell’s Palsy.

This is especially true if the pain and discomfort is consistently recurring.

As with the other oils listed above, mix six drops of your Rosemary with the carrier oil of your choice. Use a gentle massaging motion while applying it directly to the areas of the face and neck that are affected.

Repeat up to four times each day.

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#4 Clove Oil

Clove works a bit differently than the aforementioned oils. Clove can actually help accelerate the healing time of the condition.

It does this by helping improve overall blood circulation, which reduces pain and can repair the nerve damage faster.

Use Clove oil the same as you use the other oils on this list. Mix six drops into a carrier oil and apply directly to the affected areas of the face and neck.

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Essential Oils for Bell’s Palsy That Work

If you or someone you know is suffering from Bell’s Palsy, try one or all of these essential oils for Bell’s Palsy. Relief could be just around the corner.