Essential Oils Dilution Ratio Chart

Essential oils are amazing, they smell good, and they serve a multitude of purposes. As amazing as these oils are it is important to use an essential oils dilution ratio chart in order to use them safely. 

Why Diluting is Necessary? 

Essential oils are a highly concentrated substance made from some of nature’s most healing and vitamin-rich trees, flowers, and fruits. Many people do not realize that plants are very much medicinal and like any medicine, you need to follow the instructions and use with care. Because of the oil’s concentration, there are many dangers and one of those being chemical burns. Many people ingest essential oils, in order to do this safely, you have to understand the plant it comes from. Some plants are not safe for internal use and education is key.

Carrier Oils For Dilution

Carrier oils are necessary for diluting essential oils and making them safe for topical use. Common carrier oils are coconut oil, olive oil, mineral oil, almond, and jojoba oil. There are many carrier oils out there that you can use as a base to dilute your oils but those are just a few to get you started on your research. 

Each carrier oil has healing properties and characteristics of their own and each one is not created equal. Again with everything, it is important to understand that education is important and you cannot assume something is safe, specifically for you. because it’s a plant. 

Essential Oils Dilution Ratio Chart 

The typical recommendation is at a dilution rate of 2-3% for a healthy adult, anything higher is for short term uses only prescribed by an aromatherapist. You can see the guide below to get an idea of what we mean:

Per 1 TSP (5ml) of Carrier Oil 

  • 0.5% = ½ Drop of essential oil 
  • 1% = 1 Drop of essential oil 
  • 2% = 3 Drops of essential oil
  • 3% = 4 Drops of essential oil
  • 4% = 6 Drops of essential oil
  • 5% = 7 Drops of essential oil 

Just a reminder and caution that four and five percent is for short term use only, prescribed by an aromatherapist or herbalist. 

Children and Essential Oils

The needs of children differ from adults, vastly. For children age six to twenty-four months they should have a dilution rate of 0.5%. Children two to ten at 1% and make sure to check with your physician because some oils that are safe for adults are not safe for children.