Essential Oil Recipes for Sleep

Insomnia may begin as a struggle to fall asleep or the tendency to wake up too often throughout the night. Both conditions cause people to miss the rejuvenating sleep they need to stay healthy. The problem could occur because of a medical issue, but usually, insomnia begins due to stress. The solution to the problem is often as simple as finding the most effective stress-busting and relaxing essential oil recipes for sleep.

Benefits of Aromatherapy

Scents have the power to trigger memories and emotions. A scent detected by the body alerts cells inside the sinuses and sends a signal to the olfactory nerve and the brain’s limbic system. The brain processes the information and the thalamus relays the scent message to the part of the brain that controls emotions and memory. Certain aromas release emotions like relaxation and calmness and help people to feel less tense and more at ease.

Types of Oils

Aromatherapists commonly use essential oils to treat insomnia. Insomnia sufferers may need to try a couple of scents before they find the one that appeals most to them and works best. Top picks include lavender, sweet chamomile, and bergamot, but the recipes below prove that there are numerous essential oils for a good night’s sleep.

Uses of Essential Oil Recipes for Sleep

Use a diffuser, rub the blends into the feet, or take a bath just before bedtime with the oil added to the bathwater. Mix into a spray bottle and use it to spritz the bedroom and bedding. The relaxation benefits of essential oils often increase with blends. That is why essential oil recipes for sleep are usually more effective than the use of a single oil.

Remember to never apply essential oil directly to the skin. The concentrated product can cause skin irritation or burns. Add the oil to a carrier like coconut or olive oil, or use a couple of drops in a skin cream.

Try These Essential Oil Recipes for Sleep

Insomnia Caused by Body Pain

  • Two teaspoons of preferred carrier oil
  • Two drops of lavender oil
  • Three drops of eucalyptus oil
  • One drop of rosemary oil

Combine all ingredients and massage the oil into the feet before bedtime.

Insomnia Caused by Stress

  • Four drops of frankincense
  • Three drops of rosemary
  • Four drops of cedarwood

Combine and add to a diffuser or to a spray bottle.

Insomnia Caused by Anxious Thoughts

  • One drop of frankincense
  • Two drops of cedarwood
  • Four drops of lavender

Mix all and add to a diffuser or use in hot bath water.

Feel free to create original aromatherapy blends that use the essential oils that bring the most positive personal response. Test smell all oils individually to see what the scent instantly causes for an emotion. Include the oil if it leads to happy memories or it soothes and relaxes the body.