Essential Oil Recipes for Roller Bottles

The practice of using essential oils to treat health issues has been done for centuries. With growing popularity in using essential oils, many people are searching for recipes that combine multiple types of oils to target or prevent certain ailments. Applying essential oils is very quick and easy using roller bottles. Depending on the problem you are trying to prevent or treat, you will use the roller on certain areas of the body pertaining to that issue. Below are some essential oil recipes for roller bottles.

Pain Relief Essential Oil Recipes for Roller Bottles

Everyone experiences pain, whether it is chronic like arthritis or fibromyalgia, or something short lived like a headache or muscle soreness from working out. There are recipes to help with both widespread pain and pain in specific areas of the body. For a recipe for a headache, add 20 drops of each of these oils: peppermint, frankincense, and lavender. Top off the bottle with 100% pure jojoba. Shake the bottle, then roll on your forehead, temples, and behind the ears. When it comes to a roller bottle recipe for arthritis and joint pain, mix together 2 drops of each of the following essential oils: peppermint, wintergreen, frankincense, eucalyptus, cypress, and rosemary. Top the bottle off with carrier oil, and apply it to your arthritic and swollen joints twice a day.

Cosmetic Recipes

Essential oils are not only used for treating health conditions, but also for cosmetic reasons as well. Many people want to prevent their appearance from dwindling with such issues like wrinkles or cellulite. A recipe for an anti-aging blend includes mixing 30 drops of frankincense, 20 drops of helichrysum, and 10 drops of lavender. Top off the bottle with coconut oil and roll the bottle on areas where wrinkles appear or tend be most prominent on your face. To create a recipe to target or prevent cellulite, mix together 25 drops of cedarwood, 16 drops of juniper, 25 drops of cypress, 10 drops of fennel, 15 drops of geranium, and 13 drops of grapefruit. Roll this mixture over common problem areas, like thighs and butt.

Rest and Relaxation Recipes

Some R&R seems to always be the number one goal for many working people. There are multiple recipes to help promote stress relief and sleep. For a recipe for reducing stress, add 12 drops of tea tree, 12 drops of lemon oil, and 8 drops of lime oil. Roll this blend over the forehead, temples, and palms. Make sure to smell your palms for even more calming relief. A recipe to help with sleep includes blending 15 drops of lavender, 10 drops of vetiver, 5 drops of frankincense, 5 drop of ylang ylang, and 5 drops of wild orange. Roll this mixture on both your feet and neck to feel the full effects of this relaxation technique.

Using Essential Oil Recipes for Roller Bottles

Overall, using some of these essential oil recipes for roller bottles could lead to success in treating both physical and mental health problems as well as cosmetic issues. Finding the perfect blend of your essential oils to fix a certain issue may take some trial and error, but with these recipes, you may find exactly what you need. Talk to a medical professional if you have any questions regarding your health