Egg White for Stretch Marks – Facts, Pros, and Cons

Egg white for stretch marks? Yup, you’ve heard it right! It can help regenerate stretched-out skin. It’s easy to use and apply, you just have to continue reading to learn how to use egg whites to remove your stretch marks.

They say stretch marks are one of the greatest insecurities of every person, especially for women. It results from pregnancy or quick weight loss or weight gain. These lines appear in areas that are prone to gaining weight, such as belly, hips, breasts, and other parts of the body. For the ones who avoided having stretch marks, what is your secret?

For someone out there who is suffering from self-consciousness due to stretch marks, here is an article for you!

Use Egg White for Stretch Marks As Remedy

Have you ever considered egg white to heal stretch marks? If you want to reduce stretch marks along with wanting your skin to regenerate, consider massaging the affected areas with egg white. It can be a much more effective option with lesser cost needed.

You need to separate the egg whites from yolks then save the latter for other purposes. Whip the egg white and then apply over the stretch marks using your finger or a makeup brush. Leave until it completely dries and washes with cold water.

Afterward, get a soft cloth then pat the area. Apply natural moisturizer on the skin like coconut oil. Repeat the process three times a day until stretch marks are less visible.

Types of Stretch Marks

Female belly with stretch marks due to pregnancy

Stretch marks are formed diagonally, vertically, or horizontally with different complexities. Its appearance is different from person to person. There is no definite form of how they appear.

The success of using an egg white over the skin lines much depends on how severe stretch marks are. After all, these are scars that may come back into reality.

Actions after the treatment are to check out for. If you are not being careful about keeping your skin healthy, it might turn back the presence of stretch marks. For this reason, make sure that your skin is well-hydrated to avoid surgical procedures in removing stretch marks.

Egg White for Stretch Marks – Positives and Negatives

The egg white remedy does not promise only the significant parts. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of using egg white for stretch marks.


  • It is a natural treatment more cost-effective than surgical treatment.
  • It brings uniform complexion to the skin.
  • The egg white is rich in vitamins good for the skin.
  • The process can be done personally at home.


  • Egg white can cause a burning sensation or rashes on some skins.
  • It does not eliminate stretch marks.
  • Reformation of stretch marks is highly possible.

To Apply or Not To Apply Egg White for Stretch Marks

There are remedies other than egg white to reduce stretch marks that rest on your liking. Once you choose the said option to cure those marks, follow the process faithfully to see a better outcome.

Do not hesitate to try out the egg white remedy for stretch marks. It may not thoroughly wipe out the marks, but it will lessen the cause of your insecurities. It takes time and will work accordingly. Egg whites are a great option to turn your scars into invisible lines!