doTERRA Diffuser Not Working

It’s common for users of the doTERRA diffuser to get hooked on the device. This type of diffuser is easy to use and looks great. Beyond the function and form of the unit, it’s the perfect way to enjoy essential oils throughout your home. Depending on the type of essential oils chosen, it’s possible that you’ll experience a few health benefits, such as a boost of energy, a reduction in stress and better focus.

In the event that you have a doTERRA diffuser not working, you can repair it yourself. One of the issues that you might notice is a failure to release a sufficient amount of mist. While this can be frustrating, it’s an easy repair job. You don’t necessarily need to be mechanically-inclined, but you will need to be somewhat patient while learning about the mechanics of the device.

Troubleshooting Your doTERRA Diffuser

One of the first things you should look at is the ultrasonic disc. This is a component that can cause a problem with misting, among other issues. It’s a great starting place because replacing this component will often restore the diffuser. Since diffusers are becoming more popular than ever, there are instructional videos available online for repairing the device.

The reason why the ultrasonic disc is usually the culprit is because it helps to develop the vapor. This part of the diffuser will sometimes malfunction because of particles that accumulate over a period of time. This isn’t something that’s specific to the doTERRA diffuser because just about every type of diffuser will eventually experience some type of problem. It’s simply a function of ongoing use. Maintenance is simply part of owning a diffuser. Fortunately, it’s minor and isn’t something that takes a long time.

Common doTERRA Diffuser Problems

Beyond a low mist, another indicator that a problem exists is the fan doesn’t turn on as it usually does. You may also notice a light is blinking in a manner that doesn’t usually occur. Something else to look for when troubleshooting is a noise that doesn’t sound quite right. In fact, anything that’s out of the ordinary might be a sign that you need to replace one of the parts. Before you can do anything, you’ll need to order a replacement ultrasonic disc. If the issue is the fan, you’ll also need to order a replacement fan.

Basic Repair Steps

There’s a chance that you can find instructions for troubleshooting the doTERRA diffuser in the original packaging. If not, there are basic steps you can take to resolve most issues. The first thing you’ll want to do is access the fan and ultrasonic disc by using a screwdriver to take out the screws. You will then need to disengage the connectors. Once you have completed these steps, you’ll simply replace the new parts with what’s currently in the diffuser. All that’s left is to put the unit back together in preparation for adding water and essential oils.

When you have a doTERRA diffuser not working, you don’t necessarily need to buy a new unit. Following the instructions provided can get your current diffuser up and running in very little time and without the extra cost.