Does Vaseline Help Your Eyelashes Grow

Let’s be honest. There are tons of beauty myths out there, and Vaseline for eyelash growth is one of the most popular ones passed around. Many have already asked the question, does vaseline help your eyelashes grow? We would like to dispel the myth but also talk about Vaseline’s other benefits for your lashes.

Vaseline has been around for a very long time. It was developed in 1870 as a healing product for dry skin and remains a staple in many bathroom cabinets.

It is a hypoallergenic healing jelly that creates a sealing barrier to lock in moisture and recover from dryness, according to the company website. It is clinically proven to work and is made with 100 percent pure petrolatum. Vaseline promises that every jar it sells contains its “triple-purified formula.”

Does Vaseline Help Your Eyelashes Grow?

No, Vaseline cannot help grow lashes long, and there isn’t any scientific data to support the rumors. We dug a little further and went to some skin care authorities on the subject and found this important nugget from Dermascope magazine. The publication calls themselves ‘The encyclopedia of aesthetics and spa therapy.’

“Coating your lashes with petroleum jelly to promote eyelash growth is a popular statement that has spread like wildfire over the years. Using petroleum jelly (an emollient) on your eyelashes……. will not make them grow.”

Can Vaseline Provide Any Benefits To Eyelashes?

Yes, indeed. Vaseline has tremendous moisturizing properties. The product can be dabbed on to the lashes to provide a nice coating and heal them from any dryness or brittleness caused by mascara and other eye makeup.

Ask any woman, and she’ll tell you that when lashes break off, it’s pretty alarming. That’s why applying a small amount of Vaseline to the lashes at bedtime can help heal and strengthen them from breakage.

It’s a superb conditioning product.

 What Else Can Vaseline Do For My Eyelashes?

The iconic petroleum jelly allows your lashes to look lush and fuller. Some women apply Vaseline to their lashes and then, curl them to create a natural mascara effect.

Vaseline also gives lashes that amazing, glossy shine and smoothness, and it is safe for use on the lashes.

A cotton swab dipped into Vaseline and applied lightly on to the lashes is the easiest way to use the product.

 Can I Mix Vaseline With My Other Eye Makeup?

One popular Instagram star says that she has the perfect Vaseline mascara beauty hack, and we must admit, this one looks impressive.

Beauty blogger Madina Shrienzada makes her own Vaseline mascara with three ingredients: primer, Vaseline and crushed black eyeshadow. She mixes them in a small bowl with a toothbrush. Then, she applies the blend to her lashes.

Shrienzada has more than 801,000 followers and offers numerous natural D.I.Y. beauty tips for women.

To answer the famous question, Does Vaseline help your eyelashes grow? Unfortunately, no.

It would be awesome for inexpensive Vaseline petroleum jelly to grow your lashes long, but the scientific facts just aren’t there. That’s why there are tons of lash-lengthening mascaras in drugstore aisles.

Vaseline can help protect and nourish your natural lashes, so it’s still a great beauty staple to have around.