Does Vaseline Help Acne

Whether you’re someone that suffers with problematic skin or you know someone that has trouble with their complexion, one thing is certain: finding the right products is a nightmare. Most people spend years testing new cleansers, moisturizers, exfoliation scrubs and toners to no avail. This article reveals a new technique that thousands of acne sufferers are using to calm their skin and regain a healthy glow. We will answer the question, does Vaseline help acne?

Understanding Hydration

One of the reasons that acne begins to form on the surface of our skin is on account of inadequate hydration. Our skin, much like our internal organs, relies on a steady amount of water to operate at its true potential. Without adequate hydration present within our system, our skin starts to become dry and flaky. You may have noticed yourself experience this when white cells form around the nose, forehead and under your eyelids.

When the drying process begins to occur, the system reacts by producing excessive amounts of sebum from the sebaceous glands. These glands are located within our hair follicles and help our skin create a protective layer against free radicals, dirt and grime. Although this process can be beneficial for the complexion of our skin, sebum is a double-edged sword.

Excessive sebum on our skin can seep into the pores and cause them to become clogged with bacteria and other materials that we’ve encountered throughout the day. When this process completes, we will notice that fresh white heads, black heads and cysts have sprouted out of no where — not fun!

How does Vaseline help acne?

Vaseline acts as a coating for the surface of our skin, locking in essential vitamins, minerals and water that our skin needs to thrive. As stated earlier, when our system sense that our skin is dehydrated, it reacts by producing copious amounts of sebum.

When you being using Vaseline, you will notice that your skin no longer has a flaky, white appearance on the surface. The product also holds and locks in certain skincare products that you may often find yourself using. When these products are locked in place throughout the day, they’re much more effective and allow you to experience optimal results from your skincare routine.

How to Use Vaseline

Many people are finding the best results when they use Vaseline as an overnight remedy. When you go about your bedtime routine of using toners and moisturizers, apply the Vaseline on top of these products. The barrier of Vaseline will lock in the products and help them stay on your skin for the remainder of the night. Have you ever put on moisturizer before going to bed, only to have it smear off onto your pillow? What a waste!

In summary, does Vaseline help acne? Absolutely! Join the thousands of individuals that are using this not-so-known skincare product to revolutionize your skin and regain your youthful appearance. In the following weeks and moths you will begin to notice that your skin is healthier, more vibrant, blemish free and supple to the touch!