Disadvantages of Beard Oil

Okay, so you know about the benefits of using beard oil. You know that beard oil can help soften your beard, and you know that it helps ward off issues, like dandruff and itchiness. Still, no product is perfect, and there are disadvantages of beard oil that you should know about.

Beard Oil is Expensive

One of the disadvantages of beard oil is that the product is pretty expensive. Yes, taking care of your beard is a good idea; it ensures that your beard feels luxurious, but it does come at a price.

There are a number of brands out there to choose from, and you may find some variation in prices, but you are going to be paying $20.00 to $40.00. It should be pointed out that the amount of beard oil in some containers is quite small, so you are definitely going to feel that financial bite to your wallet.

Specific Allergies to Beard Oil

Another disadvantage of beard oil that must be addressed is the possibility of a specific allergic reaction. One oil that is commonly used is almond oil. This oil is easily absorbed by your skin and beard hair, which is part of the reason it is a beloved ingredient, but it can also cause a little discomfort.

Almond oil is still a product of the almond, and those who are allergic to almonds may end up experiencing a reaction. Those with children who are allergic to almonds might cause an allergic reaction if your child touches your beard or hand that may contain the oil. There are beard oils without almond oil, but you are going to have to be vigilant.

Rancid Possibility

You should also know that since most beard oils are natural, they can go rancid. If you can’t tell that your oil went rancid, you might have an allergic reaction. There are a number of factors that could contribute to the oil going rancid.

The most obvious is being exposed to oxygen, which begins the oxidation process. Another reason why some oils go rancid is because they were exposed to too much sunlight, which is the reason it is recommended that you keep your bottle in a cool and dark place. Be sure to close the bottle quickly after using it to help prevent this particular issue.

UV Sensitivity

Beard oils have all sorts of ingredients, but one ingredient can make things harder for some users: citrus oil. Any citrus type of oil can make a person’s skin a little more sensitive to UV rays, and that means you might end up developing blisters and other skin-related issues associated with too much sun exposure.

It should be pointed out that this usually affects people who are sensitive to UV rays. Those who get sunburn easily should stay away from any beard oil that contains a citrus oil. There are a number of good alternatives out there that won’t give you those results.

Knowing some of the disadvantages of beard oil should help you understand these oils a little better. These are good for your beard, but you need to understand which formula is going to work best for you before choosing one.