Different Ways to Treat Stretch Marks


It is not strange to feel a little self-conscious about stretch marks. A lot of people feel the same way, and many people deal with them. Most people simply do not wear revealing clothes, but that is no way to live. Remember that you are not powerless against stretch marks.

The following are a few solutions worth considering if you have these marks on your body.

A Few Natural Options

Stretch marks vary in severity. There are a few simple options if your stretch marks are not too severe.

  • For 20 minutes each day, use a heating pad to apply castor oil to repair skin.
  • Leave aloe vera on the skin for 15 minutes every day.
  • Apply egg whites to the skin and remove when dry, but remember to moisturize. Do this for two weeks.
  • Rub lemon juice on the skin to repair for at least 10 minutes a day.

These are great options, but you can talk to your dermatologist to see if there are other options that would work better for you.

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Skin Treatment Choices

Sometimes, stretch marks are too severe to treat naturally. These marks appear for all sorts of reasons, like pregnancy or weight fluctuations. The severity of your marks is going to be based on how much your skin was altered.

Those who have more noticeable stretch marks may want to consider skin cream treatments that have been medically formulated to help repair the skin. Some of these creams are prescription-only though there are some available over-the-counter.

Stretch mark creams usually contain some kind of moisturizer, like the natural ones mentioned earlier. The reason moisturizers are vital is because some of these creams purposely damage the skin so that your skin cells produce new, undamaged skin.

This means your skin is going to need a lot of help to repair itself, which is where moisturizers come in. It should also be pointed out that some of these creams are going to contain collagen, which is vital for skin elasticity and growth.

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Stronger Treatments are Here

Skin tightening for stretch marks is another option you should consider, especially if the markings on your body are severe. There are a few options to consider, like microdermabrasion. This treatment involves focusing an exfoliating device on the affected area of your skin, which makes your skin create new skin cells.

Some people experience a little discomfort, but microdermabrasion is still considered a non-invasive treatment. Most of the people who choose this option rarely need anesthesia, which tells you the procedure is pretty mild.

Another option worth considering is a laser treatment, which is a little more invasive and normally does require anesthesia. The laser is applied to the affected area for about 90 minutes per session.

The laser is used to remove the layer of the skin that has the stretch marks. The collagen is forced to work quickly to replace the skin that was treated during this process.

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