Derma Roller for Acne Scar

Acne scars can last a lifetime. Even if acne was developed as a teenager, blemishes and red areas can leave marks on the skin. Although scarring is a possibility from stubborn acne, there is an effective treatment to eliminate discoloration from acne scars, let’s discuss about derma roller for acne scar.

A Derma Roller for Acne Scar

Dermarolling is an effective method for treating acne scars. Since acne usually occurs on the face, discoloration can feel obvious for those who have acne scars. Dermarolling successfully clears acne scars without any of the side effects from taking a medication.

What Is Dermarolling?

Dermarolling involves a mini wheel that is covered with tiny needles that are designed to gently prick the face. The derma roller instrument works by creating micro pathways in the skin that can be penetrated with a 0.1 to 0.2mm needle.

This type of skin care device was usually performed by a dermatologist, but now it can be effectively used at home with the right training. Many people prefer using a derma roller for acne scars because it is a non-invasive treatment that does not require potentially addictive pain medication or long recovery periods.

A derma roller looks a little like a lint brush. It has a small handle with a round roller on the top. There are many different brands of derma rollers available depending on which type best fits your budget and comfort.

Benefits of Derma Roller for Acne Scar

By rolling the derma roller over the face, a series of fine, small needles will puncture the skin. Because of their weight and size, many people describe the sensation as a light scratching of the skin. Tiny holes are then produced to help break down any scar tissue.

Once the face is punctured, skin releases growth stimulation substances that help new blood vessels form inside the skin. When this has occurred, new collagen can be produced. During the following week after using a derma roller, the collagen that is produced by the body is deposited in the area of the face that has been treated. By creating firmer skin, the appearance of wrinkles are reduced as well as acne.

By using a derma roller 4 times with 1 month apart, collagen has the potential to increase by 400 percent.

How to Use a Derma Roller

Derma rollers were once used exclusively in dermatologist offices. Although professionals are still used for effective dermarolling treatment, a derma roller can be used on an at-home basis.

To use a derma roller at home, first spray the roller with alcohol and wash with warm water. This will help sterilize the skin device. Once it is thoroughly washed, saline facial cleanser or an antiseptic should be applied to the skin.

Hold the skin device over each section of skin and roll in both an up and down motion as well as from side to side. By using both rolling methods, the skin is more likely to improve from scarring. The sections frequently used when dermarolling are from the forehead and cheeks, under the eyes and lower cheeks and around the mouth.

After using the derma roller, bathe the face with saline solution. Natural redness will occur after a dermarolling. This is to be expected.

After spraying the derma roller once again with alcohol and then washing it with warm water, you can leave the skin device out to dry. Disinfecting and sterilizing it before and after use is key to preventing any possible bacteria from touching the face.


To reduce scarring and wrinkles, derma rolling is an effective and safe treatment. While there are invasive or medicinal routes for minimizing scarring, a derma roller does not require a medical setting.