Cortizone 10 for Eczema

Eczema is the name given to a variety of medical conditions that cause the skin to be itchy, red, scaly or rashy. Ten to twenty percent of infants exhibit symptoms, but tend to outgrow them by their tenth birthday. Only three percent of adults and children have this painful itchy condition. It is more common in families that also have asthma or hay fever. Some people completely outgrow eczema. Others continue to have flare ups for their entire life. For some people eczema is triggered by contact with irritants, like rough surfaces, or latex. Others develop eczema in response to stress. There are lots of products available for treatment and one of the most popular ones is Cortizone 10 for eczema itch relief.

As a disclaimer, while we do our best to make sure all info is accurate, check with your healthcare provider before attempting any new treatment.

How is Eczema Treated?

The first way to treat eczema is to avoid things that you know trigger it for you. Learn how to manage stressful situations that may cause you to break out. Do not get too hot or too cold. Try not to scratch.

Over the counter antihistamines help with the itchiness. For severe eczema doctors may prescribe medications. Other sufferers have good results using Cortizone 10 for eczema. As always, talk to your doctor about the choices you make for treatment.

What is Cortizone 10?

Cortizone 10 is a name brand for an over-the-counter steroid itch relieving treatment. It comes in gel, cream and lotion form. It is very effective on rashes and insect bites as well as allergic reactions on the skin. It is only intended for use on the outside of the body. Some doctors recommend Cortizone 10 for eczema as it quickly stops the itching and consequently also the scratching that can break the skin and cause infections. Do not use it on open wounds.

Benefits of Using Cortizone 10 for Eczema

Cortizone 10 is very available and can be found at mass merchandisers, drug stores and even grocery stores that have a pharmacy section. There is no prescription necessary.

It works quickly to stop the itch and the scratching and is used topically to moisturize while relieving and calming the symptoms of eczema.

Doctors often recommend this product line to relieve the symptoms of eczema.

Are there any disadvantages to using Cortizone 10 for eczema?

The active ingredient in Cortizone 10 is hydrocortisone, a steroid. It can cause some negative reactions such as thinning skin, lightening of treated areas, rashes, burning, or stinging. These reactions often diminish during treatment, or your medical professional can tell you ways to prevent these problems. Read the inserts that come with the product and always discuss your treatment with your care provider, so that they can help you manage your condition.

Eczema is an inflammatory skin condition. Doctors are not completely certain what causes it and many state that it cannot be cured, only managed. Good self care may reduce the impact of eczema on your life. Avoid stress and things that seem to irritate the condition.

Cortizone 10 is a brand of hydrocortisone products that is very effective when used topically on itches and rashes. It is frequently recommended by doctors to help treat symptoms of eczema. Share your concerns with your health care professionals such as doctors and pharmacists to find the best treatment for your eczema. Only use Cortizone 10 in the suggested manner for the recommended length of time.