Consider a Fat Transfer to Give Yourself a More Youthful Look


As a plastic surgeon for twenty years, I have spent a great deal of time making women feel better about their appearance. I enjoy helping the opposite sex to realize their full potential. Women are like flowers and they deserve to bloom. When they come to me for cosmetic procedures, the main focus is the face.

It's their calling card to the world, the first thing everyone is going to notice. Women are always looking for a way to hold off signs of aging. Facials and skin care products can help, but the years are going to catch up with them eventually.

I have found that a fat transfer procedure is an excellent way to make you look more youthful. I've sent many happy clients on their way feeling like they have turned back time.

How Can a Fat Transfer Make You Feel More Beautiful?

A fat transfer is a procedure in which I remove pesky fat from somewhere on your body where you would like to see it go away. It could be that little bit of extra around your waistline or on your bottom. Perhaps you want to trim off some fat on your thighs. I will perform a simple liposuction procedure to remove the fat. At that point, the fat has to undergo a purification process. When impurities have been removed, it is ready for transfer. This is when the magic happens.

If you have any hollows in your cheeks, a common problem for women as they get older, I can inject fat in your face to add volume once again. I can use your purified fat to smooth away those lines that have appeared on your face. If you feel like your lips have lost their plumpness, I can perform a fat transfer to give your lips the fullness you would like to see. When I'm done, you will feel like you went back in time to recapture your youth.

Use a Completely Natural Filler to Get the Results You Want to See

I love performing fat transfers because I'm helping women to have a makeover while using a substance from their own bodies to look their best. Fat transfer procedures are a great way to give women a boost where they need it most. This is one of my go-to choices for women who want to enhance their breasts or increase the size of their bottoms.

Best of all, you will eliminate fat in an area where you don't want it while you are putting it to good use somewhere else. My goal is to help you feel really good about yourself. When you place yourself in my capable hands, I am here to make your dreams come true about the way you want to look.

Use the Potential in Your Own Body to Look Your Best

If you see signs of aging sneaking up on you, make an appointment with your plastic surgeon. Find out how you can tap into unwanted fat in your body to turn it into something that can help you to feel more beautiful.

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