Cod Liver Oil for Acne

There are a variety of ways to reduce and even eliminate acne. While medication may be right for some people, others prefer a natural alternative. Certain dietary supplements have been known to effectively help skin conditions such as acne without the same side effects as prescription medication. Let’s take a look at how cod liver oil for acne works.

What Is Cod Liver Oil?

Cod liver oil is a dietary supplement that is made from cod fish. Because it has omega-3 fatty acids, it is known to boost a variety of health conditions. Cod liver oil is usually light in color and mild in taste. It has a high concentration of vitamin A and D and contains retinol.

Cod liver oil can be used to treat high cholesterol, kidney issues, high blood pressure, certain heart conditions and autoimmune diseases. It has long been known to help a variety of skin problems. Those suffering from wounds will often take cod liver oil to speed the healing process. Because of the specific fatty acids that cod liver oil contains, inflammation and swelling can be reduced.

Cod Liver Oil for Acne

Cod liver oil is a natural treatment that can both reduce and prevent acne. Both teenagers and adults can benefit from the nutrients that cod liver oil provides when treating stubborn acne.

There is an abundance of vitamin A found in cod liver oil. This particular vitamin has retinoic acid that can renew the cells in your body. Cells that are damaged can turn over in timely manner when consuming large quantities of vitamin A. Once old cells have been replaced, acne spots and scars will fade in appearance. By reducing the skin’s oil production, vitamin A can also prevent future acne breakouts from occurring. This ensures pores are unclogged and the face is left feeling less greasy.

Vitamin D also plays an important role in the reduction of acne scars. Vitamin D has both antioxidant and anti-comedogenic properties that can help prevent future skin damage. By successfully unclogging pores, vitamin D shares the ability to decrease oil production that can prevent future acne.

Cod liver oil contains Omega-3 fatty acids which play an essential role in decreasing acne marks. The anti-inflammatory properties in this fatty acid helps keep cod fish oil safe. Allergic reactions are rare when taking cod fish oil.

How Do You Take Cod Liver Oil?

There are a couple of different ways to use cod liver oil. If using the liquid form, cod liver oil can be directly added to food. Most people who use this method will swallow 2 teaspoons a day. Taking too much cod liver oil can be harmful to your health, so do not take more than 1 tablespoon per day. Since it is a blood thinner, mixing certain prescription drugs with cod liver oil can be also be dangerous. It’s best to check with your doctor before using cod liver oil on a regular basis.

Cod liver oil can also be taken in a capsule form. Depending on how much oil is in the capsule, the daily amount may be different. Regardless if taken in liquid or capsule form, talking to a doctor beforehand is usually recommended with most dietary supplements.


Cod liver oil can restore damaged skin and prevent future acne outbreaks from happening. By taking this dietary supplement on a regular basis, there are many health benefits to your skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties can help with any type of redness or soreness while its nutrients help regenerate cells to keep skin looking fresh and new.