Coconut Oil for Indoor Tanning

Is it good to use coconut oil for indoor tanning?

Coco Channel, the popular fashion icon, made tanning the most significant trend.

She was photographed after coming back from a cruise trip.

Ever since then, a lot of people go to lengths just to achieve that perfect tan glow.

Up to this day, tanning is still a trend. However, it’s worth noting that this routine causes dehydration, either from the sun rays or artificial lights.

Exposing your skin to such sources increases your risk of premature aging and skin problems.

If you don’t want to be in this condition, perhaps you would want to consider coconut oil for indoor tanning.

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Indoor Tanning

Coconut oil is usually used in food and beauty products. It contains a lot of healthy acids that are good for your skin.

For example, lauric acids and fatty acids, these acids will keep your skin moisturized.

However, keep in mind that coconut oil does not contain enough SPF to guard you against the UV rays. Nonetheless, it still has a lot of benefits.

Here are the other wonderful benefits that one can get from using coconut oil for indoor tanning:


Tanning session exposes your skin to harmful rays.

The skin is composed of layer, with the upper layer containing melanocytes that produce melanin.

It is a pigment given by the skin to create a dark tone. The darker the complexion, the more melanin should be provided.

Coconut oil is known to stimulate melanin production, making you gain a darker skin tone in a short time.  


Tanning dries out the layers of the skin, and it loses the natural composition of it.

This causes severe cracks, peeling and in worst cases, sunburn. The skin is deprived of hydration.

Coconut oil protects your skin by forming a protective layer through saturated fats that it contains.

It brings back the natural shine without giving you an itchy feeling.


Tanning makes your body open to a lot of harmful microorganisms.

Exposure to UV beams causes the breakdown of your skin that develops an opening for various bacteria, fungus and a lot of infections.

Coconut oil has medium-chain triglycerides which are also known as (MCTs).

It carries anti-bacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties.

Therefore, the use of coconut oil protects your skin from all of these harmful microorganisms.


Vitamin D is essential for regulating calcium and maintaining phosphorus levels in your blood.

This is important for having sturdy bones and teeth.

Your body produces vitamin D that naturally protects you from extreme sun exposure.

Most tanning lotions block Vitamin D in your body.

Coconut Oil does not meddle with Vitamin D production.

It protects your skin from UV beams by almost 75% and also allows Vitamin D to be ingested by the body.

Free from Harm

The skin goes through a lot of processes when tanning, stress, tear and repair.

Coconut oil is natural. It is not made from harmful chemicals that irritate the skin.

Just like any other lotion, you can apply coconut oil directly all over your body.

Coconut oil is highly recommended for a safer and faster tanning; however, just like what has been mentioned above, it does not contain sufficient amount of SPF that can protect your skin from harmful sun rays.

So, keep in mind not to stay out there under the scorching sun for too long.