Coconut Oil for Fordyce Spots

Can you use coconut oil for Fordyce spots?

Coconut oil benefits do indeed travel far and extremely wide.

We already know about the incredible benefits it has for our skin, the hair, the overall health, and even our metabolism.

And now, it has found its way as an alleged effective treatment for annoying Fordyce spots.

Is such a claim really viable? Should you really believe this new effect for coconut oil?

Is it genuinely effective as a treatment for Fordyce spots?

Let us investigate on that further and try to answer all those questions we currently have about coconut oil for Fordyce spots.

What exactly are Fordyce Spots?

Fordyce spots aren’t familiar to the ears of many. So, do not be surprised if you ask someone sitting right beside you about it and they don’t even have a single clue what you are referring to.

Fordyce spots are a 1 to 5 millimeter spot that usually appears on the shaft of a man’s penis, the vulva of females, in the interior of your cheeks, and even on the vermillion border within your lips.

These small spots appear slightly elevated and are yellowish or white. They are also referred to as Fordyce granules.

The Fordyce spots are a variant of the glands that in general is responsible for producing sebum and are usually present within our hair follicles – the sebaceous glands.

Unlike the sebaceous glands, Fordyce spots are clearly visible even without the presence of hair follicles.

Almost everyone has it, but only a few realize that they actually do.

To put into perspective, 80 to 95 percent of human adults have it.

In fact, it has probably been with them since birth and has grown along with them.

It becomes more and more visible as you grow up and more easily located when the skin is stretched.

Even though they are completely harmless by themselves, Fordyce spots can cause higher anxiety levels.

It is also worth mentioning that while they are typically located on lips or the genitals, they aren’t sexually transmitted disease and are not infectious.

Fordyce spots are indeed harmless and do not require any form; however, some may desire to remove them altogether, and we just cannot blame them for that.

Moisturize Fordyce Spots with Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the new superfood of this generation.

It seems that it can be used for almost everything, and that particularly includes the treatment of Fordyce spots.

With the great moisturizing ability of coconut oil, you may just simply apply a few drops of it to the affected area for a few times a day and voila!

Your Fordyce spot should already be gone or at the very least, minimized.

You have the option of mixing coconut oil with other oils such as tea tree oil, jojoba oil, pine oil, olive oil and more to further enhance the effects.

Just be sure that you are mixing it with something that possesses the same properties as coconut oil so that it may treat the Fordyce spots effectively.