Coconut Oil for Fertility

Is it effective to use coconut oil for fertility treatment?

Did you know that out of a hundred couples within the United States; about 12 to 13 of them are having troubles getting pregnant?

As much as we hate to break it to you, but infertility is widespread.

And that is precisely why the world of medicine is working nonstop to find or come up with new ways to solve such.

Here comes the idea of using coconut oil for fertility.

We are already made aware of the extraordinary health benefits one can get out of using this organic product.

For years now, we hear countless praises for coconut oil’s excellent ability to maintain lush hair, to provide a healthier meal, and so much more.

However, there is now a claim that this ‘wonder-product’ can now help solve infertility.

Benefits of Using Coconut Oil for Increased Fertility

Here are some of the ways wherein coconut oil products have proved beneficial for women who want to get pregnant:

It helps regulate body fat

This goes back to the already proven capability of coconut oil to render our meals much healthier.

To begin, coconut oil’s fat composition is so filling for us that it can significantly help one individual to lower their overall calorie intake.

Using coconut oil rather than olive oil for your meals have been found to make one lose more belly fat than the other.

This is because of the medium-chain triglycerides found in the organic product that is excellent for regulating body fat.

This is well important for those that plan to get pregnant because it involves the adipose tissue.

It is the muscle tissue located on our belly region that may have an adverse impact regarding our fertility.

It boost one’s thyroid

In case you might not know, thyroid disorders are common – but thankfully treatable cause of infertility.

Notably, it’s the hypothyroidism. This disorder has made its name for disrupting menstrual cycles and causing ovulation problems.

Maintaining good fat is maintaining good thyroid.

And with coconut oil’s excellent capability to do just that, because it is high in healthy saturated fats, using coconut oil for a healthier thyroid doesn’t sound bad.

Additionally, such products also contain anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties, which then prevent our tissues from particular issues that can sometimes lead to thyroid disorders.

It regulates our insulin secretion

Insulin is a hormone secreted by the pancreas found within our body that helps control our blood sugar levels.

Meaning, the higher the blood glucose is, the more insulin our body shall secrete.

And too much insulin isn’t right.

In fact, excessive insulin may cause testosterone levels to rise and reach the point that it suppresses ovulation and thus, impairing fertility.

Coconut oil boosts our metabolism; it helps decelerate the process of digestion.

That means, the glucose within the food we eat will be broken more thorough and shall render our blood sugar steady.

It is best to remember that coconut oil is high in fat and should always be used in wise moderation.

Just because it is proven to have fantastic health benefits does not mean that you should consume it nonstop.

With that said, the entries mentioned above are but some of the great ways on how coconut oil can help with regards to fertility.

Although such results aren’t universal – one can differ from one individual to another – coconut oil may just be a good idea to help boost fertility.