Coconut Oil for Bleaching Hair

Can you use coconut oil for bleaching hair?

This generation instilled crazier and funkier hair ideas, especially with hair colors. People think it is more fashionable and trendy to have bright hair.

But when we say changing your hair’s shade, bleaching is the first step to achieve the ideal color you wish to bring life to your hair specifically to those with naturally dark hair.

Some may not be aware that bleach chemicals can make your hair dry, brittle, and damaged.

That’s why coconut oil for bleaching hair is your perfect solution to protect your hair and scalp against harmful substances.

The Benefits Of Using Coconut Oil To Your Hair

Coconut oil is a remarkably versatile health and beauty product that has proven its efficacy for several years.

People utilize it on different routines, most notably on cleaning to moisturizing their skin and often used to help improve the health and condition of their hair.

The natives from tropical regions of the world are famous for their shiny and thick hair because they have known all the advantageous properties of coconut oil for thousands of years.

It has moisturizing and antibacterial attributes that make it an excellent hair mask before or after doing any chemically processed hairstyles such as bleaching.

It also stimulates hair growth and improves the scalp’s health, plus it can prevent hair breakage and slows down hair loss.

Process of Using Coconut Oil for Bleaching Hair Treatment

Since bleaching is a necessary procedure to turn brunettes into stunning blondes or to any light hues, coconut oil for bleaching hair should be your regular treatment.

Simply melt an ample amount of organic virgin coconut oil according to your need in a saucepan, preferably in low heat to avoid burning.

When it becomes clear liquid, let it cool and apply to your hair evenly from root to tip. You can either leave it overnight or a few hours to have its full effect.

After the process, rinse it with a clarifying shampoo or your regular shampoo then follow with a good conditioner to seal in the moisture.

Since coconut oil is a lighter oil, it will never get your hair feel any greasier. Instead, coconut oil aids lift oil from the scalp, making it an excellent tool for those individuals struggling with oiliness.

Make It Your Regular Routine

Your hair is your natural crown; therefore, it needs proper care and attention.

Hair treatment is not a one time process. It needs to be continually done to maintain the health and attractiveness of your hair.

Using natural hair treatments such as coconut oil is the best choice to keep the shine and beauty of a chemically treated hair such as bleaching.

The treatment concoction process is very simple and can be done anytime at home without requiring any complicated tool.

Aside from its benefits, it is also available to mostly everywhere and is not expensive compared to other hair coloring treatments.

Its effectiveness has been demonstrated for centuries already and will still prove its other uses.