Coconut Oil Beard Balm

Winter is on the way and your beard may be showing the signs. If it’s not, you may want to prevent the dry and dull reality of brittle growth that’s not so soft to the touch.

If your furry facial fashion statement is in need of some TLC, don’t go to the drugstore or beauty supply one-stop-shops. Go to your grocery store and make a stop in the baking aisle to get a jar of coconut oil! Seriously! Coconut oil is packed with power when it comes to adding hydration and moisture to your facial hair. Bypass the fancy name-brand beard care lines just once and try out coconut oil beard balm.

All-Natural Power-Packed Oil

Coconut oil is all-natural and considered to be a superfood. The health benefits of coconut oil are insurmountable for not only your beard but your entire body. Coconut oil contains the following benefits:

  • Massive moisturizing capabilities for the entire body not just the facial hair.
  • Anti-inflammatory working to neutralize psoriasis, contact dermatitis, and eczema.
  • Antioxidants that prevent facial skin aging and thinning hair.
  • Antibacterial properties that will kill germs in the skin on the face beneath the beard, thus clearing up ingrown hairs by the removal of harmful bacteria.

Not Just For Beard

Get a jar of coconut oil from the baking aisle at your grocery store and for one-month us the coconut oil from your hair follicles to the soles of your feet. If your feet are dry and cracked, rub in some coconut oil and put on some socks on behind the oil to boost the absorption of the nutrients into your foot flesh. You can ease the burn of shaving and soften dry chapped lips. And the greatest attribute of coconut oil is it’s the ability to give your beard a full and flourishing lustrous and well-conditioned beard with a shine that will catch the eye of the passerby and the tempting scent of an island treat following behind you everywhere you go.

How To Use Coconut Oil Beard Balm

A beardsman is all about his facial hair being a fashion statement when he goes out into the public eye. A beardsman is a groomed man, whether his beard is short and tightly groomed or a long beard that turns heads as he walks into establishments. These beardsman aren’t going to be comfortable with their beard being dry and dull. You will look fatigued and the lack of excellence that is the norm for your beard will pull your face down and make you look and feel haggard. Even in the best threads, your grooming will not fit in if your beard is not up to par. You need to use coconut oil in its purest form. It will come in a jar as a solid. Styling your beard with the coconut oil is made easier as the oil manages rebellious hairs and tames frizz into submission.

Pure Coconut Oil as a Beard Balm or a DIY

Because pure coconut oil comes as a solid, it is basically a balm naturally if it is in its purest form (which is the only way you should truly be using it on your beard). Coconut oil in it’s purest form is a standalone as a balm straight from the grocery store aisle where you purchase black pepper, or Sazon, or whatever your flavor may be. You can open the jar right from the grocery store, dip your fingers into the waxy content and watch it soften from the temperature of your hand as you rub it in.

If you want to play with a few other oils to make your own balm, measure out two heaping tablespoons of coconut oil. You can play around with essential oils but I recommend blending frankincense, bergamot, and tea tree oil. Simply pour your mixture into the container you would like your blended balm to be in and let it cool. You now have a Coconut Oil Beard Balm.