CBD Oil for Parrots

Can you use CBD oil for parrots?

Like us humans, birds like parrots can also get different illnesses.

These may include skin diseases, behavior issues, and mental illnesses. Parrots that don’t feel well would likely give their owners a hard time.

They could also cause harm to themselves.

This is why many parrot owners try to find ways to help their pets.

Since CBD oil has become popular for dogs and cats, parrot owners have also tried using it for their pets.

Benefits of CBD Oil for Parrots

CBD oil has many benefits for people and animals alike.

And like us, parrots have an endocannabinoid system (ECS).

CBD bind to the receptors of the ECS to stop inflammation, regulate appetite, improve moods, and so much more.

When parrots have behavior issues, CBD oil can help calm them down.

These issues may include excessive screeching, plucking feathers, stress, and anxiety.

Once you give a parrot CBD, it could lessen or solve the issues.

Appetite loss is another problem that’s often caused mental or physical illnesses.

Using CBD oil may improve a parrot’s appetite and overall health.

Skin diseases caused by parasites and other bacteria could also improve with the use of CBD oil.

When parrots suffer from pains and aches, CBD oil may also help.

It may also help improve their immune systems especially when the parrot is quite old.

CBD Oil Safety for Parrots

Still, there are skeptical pet owners that doubt the safety of CBD oil for their parrots.

According to a study, CBD indeed has some side effects. However, these side effects are minimal compared to prescription drugs.

This is why many believe that CBD oil can be safe for parrots.

CBD oil acts as a supplement and would likely not have any side effects on a parrot as long as the CBD oil is hemp-based.

Still, it should be used with caution since every bird may have different reactions.

It’s best to get the parrot checked by a veterinarian first before administering the CBD oil.


Once you’ve confirmed that your parrot can take CBD oil. You must now find out how much CBD oil to give.

Usually, CBD oil made for birds would suggest a drop of the product twice every day for every ½ kilogram of the bird’s weight.

But to be safe, it’s best to consult a vet first. A veterinarian may be able to give the best advice on how much CBD oil to give your parrot.

However, not all vets may accept the idea of giving CBD oil to animals.

If you’re persistent in giving it a try, try to find a vet that supports CBD products.

Just remember to get CBD oil that is THC-free. THC may be toxic for parrots and other birds.

Make sure to also get CBD oil made especially for animals.

There are CBD oils with flavors that might make it easier to give your parrot CBD oil without it hesitating.