CBD Oil for Fibroids

Is it safe to use CBD oil for fibroids treatment?

When you hear the word “fibroids”, you’d often think that these benign tumors only appear in women. But, men can also get fibroids.

Fibroids are “benign” which means they’re not cancerous.

However, someone with fibroids can experience extreme pain and discomfort.

Women may also have a difficult menstrual cycle.

Surgery, therapies, and hormonal drugs are common treatments for fibroids. They may have some side effects and can take a long time to take effect.

Luckily, some people have discovered that CBD oil has helped to treat their fibroids. But, how effective is CBD oil for fibroids?

Clinical Studies and Effects

As of now, there are few clinical studies conducted on the effects of CBD oil on fibroids and tumors.

Still, government research authorities have been looking into the possibility that CBD oil and other CBD products may help treat fibroids.

It may be because many personal testimonies from fibroid patients suggest that CBD oil truly works.

Women who have an active reproductive system have higher chances of developing fibroids.

There’s no clear cause why they form, but a great factor might be high estrogen levels.

This is why some patients use hormonal medications to treat their fibroids.

This may also be the reason how CBD oil is becoming a popular treatment for fibroids.

CBD may not directly affect the tumors. Instead, it affects the cannabinoid receptors in the body and brain.

These receptors then help the endocrine glands to balance out the hormones in the body.

This has yet to be confirmed through studies, but the current acquired knowledge of CBD effects on the body suggests that this might be the reason.

CBD also has pain-relieving effects which may help with fibroid discomfort. That’s why some people who undergo therapies sometimes supplement their recovery with CBD oil.

Using CBD Oil for Fibroids

Like any kind of medication or natural remedy, it’s important to know how to use CBD oil properly. This is to make sure that CBD oil will fully take effect on fibroids.

1. Buy CBD oil from reputable vendors.

Make sure that the manufacturers of the CBD oil have licenses. Also, you must assure that the CBD oil has undergone and passed third-party lab testing.

2. Consult your doctor first.

CBD oil often has few to no side effects for most people.

But to avoid any complications, it’s best to consult your physician first before taking any CBD products.

3. Determine your proper dosage.

The CBD oil dosage would depend on your physical attributes and condition.

Taking the proper dosage will determine the effectivity of CBD oil on your fibroids.

As a general guide, use this computation to know your dosage.

Your weight in pounds/10 multiply by 1-6mg depending on the severity of your condition.

For example, you weigh 40lbs. Divide it your weight by 10 which will give you 4. Then, multiply 4 by 1-6mg.

If you have mild symptoms, you can multiply 4 by 2 which will give you 8mg. For severe cases, multiply it by 6 to get 24mg.

Just keep in mind to start with small doses and increase as needed.