CBD Oil for CRPS

Is is safe and beneficial to use CBD oil for CRPS?

CRPS or complex regional pain syndrome is not common.

But, suffering from this illness is no joke. It’s painful, difficult, and can negatively affect someone’s life.

Some treatments may help relieve CRPS including therapy and medications.

However, some people found that using CBD oil for CRPS could be a natural solution.

CBD Oil and CRPS Relief

In recent years, researchers have studied CBD and its health benefits.

One study suggests that cannabinoids (which includes CBD) may help with relieving cancer and multiple sclerosis pain.

This may be the reason behind the beneficial effects of CBD on CRPS patients.

These patients deal with not only pain but also inflammation. And besides pain, CBD has also been found to ease inflammation.

The idea behind the pain and inflammation relief of CBD might seem complicated.

But to make it simple, imagine that the receptors and nerves of the nervous system are small passageways. CBD blocks these passageways that would lessen the pain and inflammation of the affected body part.

This could be the reason why some people suffering from CRPS experience relief after taking CBD.

However, the concept behind CBD’s pain relief is yet to be proven by research since current studies have only been done on rats.

CBD Oil and Other CBD Products

There are numerous CBD products available now in the market. But, CBD oil might be the most common and popular because of its quick effects.

CBD oil consists of concentrated CBD.

Many retailers offer CBD oil in with various amounts of CBD. For example, a 10ml bottle of CBD oil may contain 1,000mg of CBD and some may only contain 500mg.

The amount of CBD in CBD oil is important for finding out the right dosage.

The dosage would base on certain factors like a person’s weight and the severity of his/her condition.

CRPS patients may find CBD oil to be the most reliable CBD product because they would be able to feel the effects more quickly.

Other products like edibles or capsules may need some time to take effect.

CBD Oil vs Prescription Drugs for CRPS

One of the misconceptions about CBD oil is that it is addictive, but it’s not.

The cannabinoid responsible for psychoactive and addictive effects is THC.

Some CBD products may include THC, but most CBD oil sold in the market is THC-free.

This is one of the advantages of CBD oil compared to some prescription drugs for CRPS. Another advantage is that CBD oil has very minimal side effects compared to most prescription drugs.

Still, some patients may experience different side effects than others.

It’s still best to consult a doctor before taking any medication and CBD products.


CBD has many benefits including pain relief. Despite the lack of research, many people continue to use CBD for pain management.

It comes in different kinds of forms such as edibles, capsules, and topicals. But, the most popular kind is CBD oil.

It’s a natural remedy with fewer side effects than prescription medications.

That’s why many people use CBD oil for CRPS relief and more people are giving it a try.