CBD Oil for Cough

A cough can be a symptom of many diseases. Let’s discuss how to use CBD oil for cough relief.

Coughs would often go away on their own after a few days or weeks. But, they may worsen and could affect your life negatively.

There are many ways to treat a cough from simple home remedies to prescriptive drugs.

Another treatment that people have been trying is using CBD oil.

While it may not completely cure coughs, it may help in improving symptoms.

CBD Oil Tinctures

Using CBD oil tinctures is the best way to get results quickly.

To use this, drop the required dosage under your tongue. Let it sit for around 30 seconds then swallow it.

Continue to do this as much as needed. You may want to stop if it starts to irritate your throat more than when you didn’t take the tincture.

Some people cannot tolerate the taste of CBD oil directly on their mouths.

They try to mix it with their favorite beverage. However, the effects may kick in a lot slower than taking in sublingually.

CBD Lozenges

For fast-acting cough relief, people would often take lozenges.

These are over-the-counter medications that are in the form of hard candies.

CBD product manufacturers have created CBD lozenges so you can get the benefits of CBD.

These may be best for people who don’t like the taste of CBD oil. You can take this as how you would a typical lozenge.

CBD Capsules

Another way to avoid tasting CBD oil in your mouth is by taking it in capsule form.

Each CBD capsule has specific amounts of CBD so you don’t have to measure anything.

These may also take some time to take effect since it needs to go through your digestive tract.

You can take CBD capsules like taking any other capsuled supplement.

CBD Vapes

If you use a vape, using CBD oil cartridges specially made for vape pens is another option for you. Instead of using your usual vape e-juice, you would use one made with CBD oil.

Inhaling CBD in this way also gives fast effects. However, you should stop using it if it irritates your throat more.

Dosing using vape pens may also be quite difficult to monitor so you’d have to be extra careful.

CBD Edibles

If you want to enjoy taking CBD during a coughing fit, you could also try eating food infused with CBD.

They come in different types of food which are usually desserts or baked goods. These may include cookies, chocolate bars, and gummies.

It may take longer for you to feel any effects if you use edibles.

Also, you should be aware of some CBD edibles which may irritate your throat more.

Conclusion About Using CBD Oil for Cough

There are many types of CBD products that you can use to ease your coughs.

If you have a chronic cough, you should consult a doctor and ask about using CBD oil for cough as a part of your treatment.

Just remember that CBD isn’t a miracle drug, but it may help in easing that pesky cough.