CBD Oil for Collapsed Trachea

Can you use CBD oil for collapsed trachea?

Tracheomalacia or a collapsed trachea is often a rare and congenital condition.

This occurs when the tracheal wall collapses and causes a person’s airway to expand or contract too much.

When this happens, a person would have difficulty breathing.

Since CBD Oil is becoming popular, let’s find out if CBD oil for collapsed trachea is a possible treatment for this condition.

For babies, collapsed trachea usually goes away once they reach 2 years old.

In rare cases, the symptoms do not go away until they become adults and would lead to complications.

Also, adults can get acquired tracheomalacia later in life.

Effects of CBD Oil on Acquired Tracheomalacia

One of the benefits people can get from CBD oil is pain relief.

When someone has acquired tracheomalacia, breathing could be really difficult which may end in chest or throat pains.

CBD oil may help in regulating this pain.

Acquired tracheomalacia would also cause a person to become lightheaded because of constant coughing.

CBD oil may also have beneficial effects that can relax the mind and body.

This may also help the patient get through with the condition.

A person may also experience recurring infections like emphysema and bronchitis.

CBD oil has anti-inflammatory properties and may help support the immune system.

That’s why taking it while having tracheomalacia may improve one’s chances to prevent pulmonary infections.

CBD Oil and Congenital Tracheomalacia

As mentioned earlier, tracheomalacia more often occurs in infants than adults.

Congenital tracheomalacia would have similar symptoms like wheezing, noisy breathing, and increased chances of infections.

Still, congenital tracheomalacia usually goes away on its own.

If a child would have other health issues, that’s when a collapsed trachea would last longer.

Using CBD oil for infants with tracheomalacia may not be advisable since there’s no clear proof that it may work.

Also, CBD oil may cause side effects. Giving it to a child younger than 6 may not be a good idea.

Children who are too young and cannot communicate well may not be able to express what they’re feeling.

The side effects of CBD oil may include low blood pressure, dry mouth, and dizziness.

It’s rare for a person to experience such side effects.

Still, it may be best to leave out the CBD oil to much older patients.

Is CBD Oil for Collapsed Trachea Effective?

Unfortunately, there are no studies yet when it comes to the accurate effects of CBD oil on collapsed trachea.

It’s still unclear if it may treat or improve the condition. Still, there’s no harm in trying it.

Unless you’d feel your condition worsening as you take it, then that’s the time you should stop taking CBD oil.

For congenital tracheomalacia, it’s best not to give CBD oil to infants.

They may experience side effects and wouldn’t be able to communicate.

If you’re still positive about giving CBD oil to a child with tracheomalacia, consult your pediatrician first.

Getting medical attention immediately is still the most reasonable option especially when a child’s condition is worsening.