CBD Oil for Cold Sores

Cold sores could be embarrassing since they appear around the lips and could be easily seen. Luckily, some ways may speed up the healing process, such as using CBD oil for cold sores.

Cold sores could appear as a single small blister or a grouped patch of blisters.

They usually go away on their own after a few weeks. But, nobody would want nasty cold sores to last for weeks.

How Can CBD oil Treat Cold Sores?

CBD oil has many beneficial effects on the body. It’s because of CBD’s ability to bind with the receptions of the EBC or the endocannabinoid system.

The ECS is responsible for maintaining the balance and harmony of everything that’s inside your body.

CBD helps and supports the ECS in regulating hormones, pain, and others.

As for cold sores, CBD can help improve the body’s ability to fight off infection, pain, and inflammation.

This is why taking CBD oil for cold sores may help speed up the healing time.

In some patients, anxiety could increase during a cold sore outbreak. CBD oil may also help in regulating the mood that may prevent anxiety levels to rise.

Once the cold sores are gone, continuous use of CBD may help prevent them from reoccurring.

Proper Use of CBD Oil for Cold Sores

When you have a cold sore, try applying CBD oil directly on the affected area. Use a cotton swab to gently cover the cold sore with CBD oil.

Start with CBD oil with a low CBD content when trying this method.

Just be careful not to use CBD tinctures which contain alcohol. The alcohol content in tinctures may worsen the condition.

You can also try using CBD lip balms which are infused with CBD.

Just make sure not to use the lip balm again after your cold sores disappear.

Taking CBD oil orally may also be another option.

Vaping and sublingual methods of taking CBD oil are fast-acting and straightforward.

Other Ways to Treat Cold Sores

While taking CBD oil for cold sores, you should support it with other ways to make healing faster.

You can try applying a cold compress to the cold sore to reduce the swelling. Do this before you apply CBD oil to the affected area.

When taking CBD orally and you’re not comfortable using it on your cold sore, you can buy creams that can alleviate pain and protect the cold sore from the sun.

If you’re taking and prescription drugs for your cold sore, ask your doctor if you could take CBD oil as well.

CBD can interact with other drugs. It may reduce the potency of the drug which will only waste the entire purpose of taking the medication.

Before taking CBD for your cold sore, make sure to get checked since it could be a symptom of a more serious disease.

It could also lead to complications where the infection would go to other parts of the body which may include the brain.

Get diagnosed first to make sure everything will go well.