Can Gotu Kola Tighten Skin?

Gotu kola is a plant whose above-ground components have been used for hundreds of years in traditional medical treatments in India and China. Today, people often use gotu kola for skin tightening but the herb has dozens of other uses, including:

  • cholera
  • shingles
  • urinary tract infections
  • colds/flu
  • tuberculosis

Gotu Kola for Skin Health and More

In addition, people sometimes use the versatile plant in the hopes of treating or minimizing the negative effects of diabetes, anemia, ulcers, diarrhea, asthma and general stomach pain.

When applied topically, gotu kola has been known to help with scar reduction, wound healing, and the partial or complete elimination of stretch marks. Its reputation for assisting with overall skin health has led people of all ages to turn to gotu kola for skin tightening and to get rid of wrinkles.

How Does It Work?

There are naturally occurring chemical substances in the gotu kola plant that probably work to lower blood pressure and impair inflammation. There’s also evidence that the herb is able to speed up the body’s natural production rate of collagen, which is known to assist in multiple types of wound healing and skin repair.

What are Common Uses of Gotu Kola?

People who use gotu kola for skin tightening usually are aware of the plant’s related beneficial effects relating to skin health. The so-called “tightening” and healing properties of gotu kola appear to be the mechanisms present in its ability to eliminate excess scar tissue, typically known as keloids. Applying it directly to the problem skin area usually does the trick.

People who have had stitches use a cream made from gotu kola to help speed up the healing process of the stitched skin. Even psoriasis sufferers have had good results with gotu kola, as the herb has the potential to eliminate many of that condition’s symptoms. There’s even evidence that the chemicals present in gotu kola can speed general wound healing.

What about Skin Tightening?

Gotu kola’s apparent ability to tighten loose skin is one of its most attractive characteristics. The herb’s capabilities in this area were discovered almost accidentally after pregnant women noticed its ability to prevent, reduce and heal stretch marks.

The reason gotu kola is able to achieve these positive results for damaged, stretched, burned, stitched and diseased skin is unclear and has not yet been conclusively proven in laboratory studies.

Final Thoughts about Gotu Kola

As is the case with many other kinds of herbal remedies, the proof is in the substance’s ability to deliver real-world results for millions of people. In this case, the skin tightening ability of gotu kola when applied topically is based on more than just a guess.

The herb’s power to accomplish other physically beneficial feats is also unproven but has won over huge numbers of people who use it every day for dozens of different reasons.