Bunny Lines: What They Are and How to Fix Them

Do you have nasty little wrinkles suddenly appearing on your nose? Do they point upward towards your eyes? These are called “bunny lines,” and while they may be annoying and not necessarily flattering, they are quite avoidable and easily reversible. Below we will discuss what these bunny wrinkles are and how to get rid of them.

What are Bunny Lines

So, what are bunny lines or wrinkles? Bunny wrinkles are very specific lines that appear when you scrunch your nose up in a certain way. They protrude in a triangular fashion horizontally down your nose and start at the corner of each eye. They are named for the manner in which a rabbit seems to make the same facial expression when they twitch their cute little noses. While bunny lines are not something that everyone has to deal with, those people that do often see them appear when they are smiling or laughing.

How Bunny Lines Form

Bunny lines on nose can be caused by being expressive, as we are meant to be. However, ironically, injectables can also cause these annoying wrinkles. So, while many of us take the initiative to cure or prevent wrinkles by applying injectable fillers, we may inadvertently be causing additional creases to form.

How does this happen? Well injectables paralyze or weaken facial muscles so they are unable to move. Skin smooths after a while due to its inaction. However, since those particular muscles are not moving, other muscles will go into overdrive to ensure that your face is able to continue to laugh and smile. Usually those muscles taking on that workload are the ones around the nose that usually do not do that much. Those muscles are the ones that form those dreaded bunny lines. 

The crazy thing is that the cause is also the solution. You can actually use injectables to also paralyze that particular set of muscles, smoothing out the bunny lines. Just keep in mind that injectables are not a permanent solution and they can get pretty pricey over time. 

The other, more common cause of bunny lines on nose is ordinary facial expressions. Repetitive smiling and laughing may seem like great things over the course of a lifetime, but the constant moving of the same muscles back and forth causes creases and lines over time. Bunny lines usually appear if you tend to crinkle your nose while laughing or smiling, similar to manner in which crow’s feet appear around the eyes if you tend to squint when you laugh or smile. 

You can change your facial posture, however, so you don’t have to stop laughing or smiling when you feel happy. If you are aware of the ways in which you express yourself naturally, you can actually work to relax your face in given situations. Simply take an inventory of the ways in which your face naturally defaults when you are feeling certain emotions.

For example, if you scrunch your nose when you are happy, or furrow your brow in disgust or anger, you may be causes fine lines and wrinkles to form without even realizing it. That is why these pesky creases are referred to as “expression lines.” It may be a challenge, but assessing your facial expressions and practicing relaxation techniques can be beneficial to your skin over the long term.

Other Ways to Prevent Bunny Lines from Forming

Get the Proper Sleep

Your skin, like all other parts of your body, repairs itself while you are sleeping. When you are not getting the proper rest, your body will be unable to produce the right amount of collagen, and this can quickly lead to wrinkles. Boosting collagen production keeps skin taunt and firm as you advance in age.

Apply Moisturizer

Moisturizer is a key ingredient in the prevention of lines and creases. As you age, you skin loses its natural moisture and its elasticity. Adding moisturizer not only replenishes the loss, but the added ingredients usually nourish the skin and provide it with vitamins and minerals that may dissipate with age.

Stop Smoking

Smoking and being around secondhand smoke can wreak havoc on your collagen levels, as well as cause lines and wrinkles earlier than the average due to increased, repetitive muscle movements such as sucking, squinting, and scrunching up your nose. 

Stay Out of the Sun

You can’t stay out of the sun entirely, of course, because that is not really possible, but, you can always use protection against harmful UV rays. Sunscreen should be applied daily beneath your makeup as a front line defense against the sun. You can also start wearing sunglasses and hats to ensure that your face is covered.

In conclusion, bunny lines are simple to get rid of and easily prevented from forming in the first place. Now that you know what you are dealing with, you can use these nearly effortless tips listed above to get the smoother and younger-looking skin that have been craving.