Breast Milk for Stretch Marks

Battle scars, tiger stripes – those were just two of the many things that are used to call stretch marks. It may be an imperfection to the skin, but people are starting to think of having stretch marks in a positive way. Just like having stretch marks when you are pregnant; carrying a new life inside of you is something to be celebrated about, and the stretch marks are proof of that milestone.

However, for the ones who are interested in treating stretch marks, it’s fortunate that there are quite a number of products that you can use to make sure that you can be stretch marks fee!

How do you feel about breast milk for stretch marks?

Using Breast Milk for Stretch Marks

Unconventional but effective

It may be unlikely to use breast milk for stretch marks, but there are accounts that say about its effectivity in fading or treating stretch marks. Just like how Chantelle Clark shared a post highlighting the fact that she uses breast milk to treat her stretch marks and how effective it is.

The post garnered thousands of likes and positive reactions from her friends and other people, especially other moms who find the idea amazing. She posted a photo showing her stretch marks under her belly that appeared when she got pregnant. The difference between the two sides where she used the breast milk and the side where the original look of stretch marks is too obvious.

What makes breast milk special?

Breast milk is known to be a powerful superfood. It has over 400 known nutrients, enzymes, probiotics, stem cells and more which is why it is the perfect food for newborn babies. You might have heard that breast milk is also used to cure pink eyes and how effective it is.

Having healing properties also makes breast milk really special. The abundance of stem cells in it helps in healing many diseases, which can be backed up by research. It is even considered as the healing balm not just for kids in different situations. Stem cells also promote regeneration of the skin, which makes it a good product to use to treat stretch marks.

How to use breast milk to treat stretch marks?

According to Chantelle Clark, the mom who posted the viral facebook post saying that using breast milk to treat her stretch marks is effective, she just uses an ample amount of breast milk to the part of her body where there are stretch marks. She applies the breast milk using her hands and just let it drip and dry.

She used it continuously for three weeks and immediately noticed the difference not just on the color of the stretch marks, but also on its depth. She also encouraged other moms in trying the method but says not to judge anyone who would want to because it is a person’s preference. She continued that it may not work 100% for everyone but it will definitely help.