Body Soap for Eczema

The soap that a person uses will have an effect on the health of their skin. Someone who is dealing with a skin condition wants to be careful about choosing the soap that they will use when taking a bath or shower. It is important for a person to find body soap for eczema that will be good for their skin and not cause it any harm.

As a disclaimer, while we do our best to make sure all info is accurate, check with your healthcare provider before attempting any new treatment.

Soaps with Scents Can Irritate the Skin

There are some who deal with skin irritation when they use a scented soap. Soaps with scents can mess with skin that is dealing with eczema in an extra bad way. It is important for the one with eczema to pick out a soap that is fragrance free. There are many options out today that are made for sensitive skin and that can clean the skin without irritating it.

Choose a Nourishing Body Soap to Help Fight Eczema

There are some soaps that are made to moisturize the skin. There are others that are made with ingredients such as oatmeal that are meant to soothe the skin. It is important for the one with eczema to seek out a soap that is going to nourish their skin. The skin should feel healthier after a person has finished taking a bath or a shower than it feels when they are about to get clean, and the soap that a person uses should keep their skin from feeling itchy.

Look for a Gentle Body Soap and Consider Those Made for Babies

There are soaps that are gentle on the skin. The one who is dealing with eczema may want to pick out a soap that is made for the tender skin of a baby. This type of soap is meant to keep from messing with the skin when it is used, and it is safe to be used on eczema-prone skin. Natural soaps may be safer for the skin than those filled with chemicals, too.

Be Careful Not to Use Too Much Soap or Use It Too Often

Even when someone is using a soap that is made to be gentle, that soap can still strip the skin. It is important for the one who is dealing with a skin issue to be careful about the amount of soap that they apply when they are taking a bath or a shower. It is also important for that person to make sure that they are not using soap too often and that they are only using it on their body as needed to get it clean.

Moisturize the Skin After Washing It

After a person gets out of the shower, it is important for them to add some moisture back into the skin. Even if the body soap that a person was using was supposed to be moisturizing, it is still important to add moisture to the skin after washing it. The one with eczema should add a lotion, cream, or oil to their skin after they take a bath or shower.

There are Soaps that are Good for Those with Eczema

There are body soaps out there that were made for the skin of those dealing with eczema. These soaps can help the skin be healthy and help it feel better.