Black Hair Care Products for Relaxed Hair

One of the largest sectors of the beauty industry is black hair care products for relaxed hair. Over the years, these products have incorporated natural ingredients to address concerns of wellness-minded consumers. They have also become faster to apply and absorb. Relaxed hair thrives with moisture-rich, strengthening products.

Understanding Relaxers for Black Hair

Relaxers straighten tightly-curled hair.

Hair grows in various color, density and curl patterns. Age, genetics and ethnicity determine those characteristics in hair. These characteristics explain how relatives and ethnic groups have similar hair types.

Black hair tends to curl tightly and pack densely throughout the scalp. These qualities make it optimal for braids and voluminous styles. These same qualities restrict options available to loose and thin hair types.

Relaxers unleash curls chemically, to first break down the hair’s cortex layer and next reconstruct it to a straighter form. The loosened hair gives a permanent straightened appearance, hence the word “perm” to describe relaxers for Black hair. Perms must be applied at the roots every 6 to 12 weeks to straighten new growth. Permed hair remains straight until it is cut or shed naturally.

The Benefits of Relaxers

Relaxers can give a sense of freedom or an instant change. Other benefits include:

  • Convenience. Relaxers end the need to detangle curls for many styles. Permed hair stays more hydrated without daily straightening with hot combs and blow dryers.
  • Length. If maintained well, a relaxer can encourage growth past the typical length of natural hair. The tendency of tight curls to tangle and their detangling process spark split ends and breakage often.
  • Versatility. Improved black hair care products for relaxed hair present more style options. Although the hair shaft alters, the strong Black hair type can still hold braids and other elaborate styles.

Best Black Hair Care Products for Relaxed Hair

Relaxed Black hair stays healthiest with unique products specifically for it. To care for it best, memorize three key words that matter most!

  • Strengthening.
  • Moisturizing.
  • Protecting.

Every product for relaxed hair should aim for one of these goals.

Fortified Shampoos and Conditioners – Black Hair Care Products for Relaxed Hair

Collagen, protein and keratin-rich shampoos and deep conditioners jolt strength into the hair shaft. Relaxers’ powerful chemicals alter the hair considerably. Make wash times the time to repair stress from relaxing and general handling.

Moisturizing Lotions and Creams

Olive, coconut and jojoba oil-based daily moisturizers protect relaxed hair from breakage. New growth can dry out and break off as it meets straighter relaxed hair. Styling, with or without heat, drives split ends. Oils work in lotions and creams to keep hair hydrated and pliable against damage.

Oil Sheens

Oil sheens are fine mists to cap off beautiful styling. Dull, lifeless hair is unattractive hair. Relaxed hair takes strong products in other areas, so keep it light for shine. Sheens should include oils like mink for an added boost.

Silk Scarves and Pillowcases

The secret to healthy relaxed hair is covering it. Protect it with silk scarves and pillowcases during sleep. They reduce the friction cotton and other fabrics bring. They also hold styles overnight for fast styling in the morning.