Best Tan Accelerator For A Sun- Kissed Complexion

Want a golden-like, sun-kissed glow? You can lie in the comfort of a tanning bed or stay out and enjoy the heat of the wonderful sun. Either way, if you wish to speed up your tanning, the best tan accelerator can provide a helping hand.

Basically, a tan accelerator does exactly what it’s named— accelerating your tanning process. This is though the enhancement and stimulation of melanin production that makes the skin darker. What’s more, is that it also provides moisturizing benefits.

Don’t know how to choose the best one? Take a look at some of our recommendations.

The Best Tan Accelerator For Fair Skin

For those with fair skin, you’ll benefit from a tan accelerator with a bronzer, providing instant pigmentation. Ensure that you take it slowly since fair skin can easily get burnt when the tanning process is overdone.

#1 Millennium Solid Black Silicone Bronzer Tanning Lotion

[amazon box=”B0058E3XJI” link_id=”187″]

Featuring Ultra-Advanced 100X Silicone Bronzer, you don’t have to wait for a long time to see tanning results. This lotion has a subtle orchid scent, unlike other products with an overpowering chemical smell.

In addition, it is non-greasy, so you won’t feel irritated and sticky once you lie in a tanning bed. Some of the main ingredients include cannabis sativa seed oil, pecan seed oil, banana fruit extract, and sunflower seed oil.

#2 Designer Skin Picture Perfect Tanning Lotion

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Specially formulated for the face, the Designer Skin Picture Perfect features a gentle formula that is effective and safe even for sensitive skin. It contains brown seaweed that makes your skin tone darker.

In addition, it even has an IPF defense complex that prevents oxidation and other forms of skin damage that results from the tanning process. Finally, it even contains powerful ingredients that help minimize pores.

#3 Swedish Beauty Shea You Want Me Bronzer Tanning Lotion

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A moisture-rich bronzer, this Shea You Want Me Tanning Lotion provides hydration while accelerating your tanning. Its tanning effectiveness is thanks to the natural henna and black walnut.

Not only will it provide an instant golden complexion but this product also ensures long- lasting results. For deep moisturizing, there’s also cocoa butter. And it is hypoallergenic, so it is safe for those with extra sensitive skin.

The Best Tan Accelerator With Sunscreen

Whether you’re tanning outdoors or indoors, it is always best to use a tan accelerator lotion that provides protection from the harmful rays of the sun. UV rays can cause skin cancer and other problems, so it is always best to stay safe and protected.

#1 Sun Bum Original Sunscreen Lotion

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Featuring SPF15, this tanning lotion is suitable for everyday use by both kids and adults with even the most sensitive skin. It is water-resistant for at least 80 minutes, making it great for outdoor and beach tanning.

Not only that, but it is also non-comedogenic, ensuring that it won’t clog your pores. It is rich in vitamin E which helps in preventing skin damage due to free radicals and the harmful UV rays.

#2 Bain de Soleil Orange Gelee Classic Sunscreen Formula

[amazon box=”B0009R34JI” link_id=”191″]

At every application, you will definitely notice and love the tropical fragrance that this product provides. Featuring only SPF 4, most people might find it to be quite lacking for sun protection.

Still, it leaves your skin feeling moisturized and soft while you tan. It is also tested by dermatologists, so you can be confident that it is effective and safe.

#3 Maui Babe Reef Safe Sunscreen Lotion

[amazon box=”B00076XSGK” link_id=”192″]

For better protection under the sun, this lotion offers SPF 30 and is water-resistant for at least 80 minutes. It can be used with a browning lotion or used on its own.

It is an effective choice for tanning outdoors, however, it is important to note that it
contains ingredients such as avobenzone, octocrylene, and octisalate, which can be harmful to the skin.

The Best Tan Accelerator For Sunbeds

If you want to tan indoors via a sunbed, then you need to choose a tan accelerator that will not damage the materials used in the sunbed. You will also need one with a good scent that prevents odor that commonly results from indoor tanning.

#1 Millennium Tanning Products Paint It Black Tanning Lotion

[amazon box=”B00147FGJ8″ link_id=”193″]

Featuring the revolutionary 50x Auto-Darkening Tan Technology, this tanning lotion
basically speeds up the tanning process and delivers extreme dark bronze tan results. Iteven contains extreme silicone emulsion which helps in making the skin silky smooth and soft.

With a clean, cotton blossom scent, this lotion has a crisp and fresh fragrance that is not overpowering.

#2 Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Tanning Lotion

[amazon box=”B009YKK78C” link_id=”194″]

In order to efficiently accelerate the tanning process, this lotion features MelanoBronze and quad tyrosine blend. The former are innovative features that can help speed up melanin formation on the skin to instantly darken your skin tone.

Meanwhile, BodyFit uses ingredients to make your skin firmer and reducing the
appearance of cellulite. Using Melactiva, a melanin synthesizer, you get longer-lasting results.

#3 Australian Gold Cheeky Brown Tanning Bed Lotion

[amazon box=”B0011UR1H8″ link_id=”195″]

Using native Australian oils, this tanning lotion combines the power of vitamin E and A to benefit your skin. In addition, it also provides enough skin hydration while ensuring that your tanning session is a success.

#4 Supre Smoke Black Bronzer Tan Lotion

[amazon box=”B0010H93A0″ link_id=”196″]

The Supre Smoke Black Bronzer features an impressive technology called oxygen
regenerating tanning system. It allows tanning to be intense within a short span of time while keeping your skin healthy and glowing. It has a wonderful fruity fragrance with the infusion of pineapple, passionfruit, and mango.

#5 Maui Babe Tanning Lotion Salon Formula

[amazon box=”B002FZAVOS” link_id=”197″]

This lotion contains sunflower oil that should not damage the acrylic material of a sunbed. It also has Kona coffee extract, sources exclusively in Hawaii that makes your skin look radiant and smooth.

Other than delivering instant tanning results, this product delivers deeper color after a while, making your tan look darker and more intense.

#6 Hempz Dark Tan Maximizer

[amazon box=”B00PBDOVOW” link_id=”198″]

For its main ingredient, this lotion uses 100 percent natural hemp seed oil. It deeply hydrates and moisturizes your skin while maximizing and speeding your tanning.

In addition, it even has natural tan enhancers which provide the skin a natural dark
complexion. It comes with a non-greasy formula and easily absorbs into the skin.

#7 Devoted Creations #TANLIFE Tanning Butter

[amazon box=”B00OJYH75E” link_id=”199″]

With hydrating Shea butter formula, this lotion provides intense moisturization without irritations. This makes it perfect for those with extra sensitive skin as well as extremely dry skin. Take note, however, that the lotion has a thick consistency that might feel heavy when applied.

#8 Ed Hardy Peace & Harmony Bronzing and Tanning Intensifier

[amazon box=”B00BBI8KD4″ link_id=”200″]

Laden with dark tanning activators, this lotion will deliver a sun-kissed glow right off the sunbed. It features MelanoBronze that stimulates melanin production for a long-lasting darker complexion.

Also, there’s wheat proteins that makes your skin firmer and tighter as well as providing anti-aging benefits. It even has rice and cotton extracts to make your skin soft and smooth without irritations.

#9 Australian Gold On The Prowl Bronzer Tanning Bed Lotion

[amazon box=”B00GW4VSH2″ link_id=”201″]

This tan accelerator boasts an innovation called Fierce Color Complex. It basically infuses Erythrulose, DHA and natural bronzers for a deep and streak-free tan.

Also, it has Purrfection Finish Bronzer that treats any skin imperfections, making you look flawless. The lotion has a unique blend of exotic and wild berries that can nourish and rejuvenate the skin.

The Best Tan Accelerator For Tanning Outdoors

For some people, outdoor tanning is better. However, with the harsh UV rays of the sun, you will need a tan accelerator that offers enough UV protection to prevent skin cancer and other serious issues.

#1 Maui Babe Browning Lotion

[amazon box=”B000OFB5QO” link_id=”202″]

For a quick dark tan, this another lotion from Maui Babe is proven effective. It features powerful ingredients such as aloe, Kona coffee extract, light mineral oil, kukui nut oil, and potassium iodine.

In addition, it also has vitamins E, C, and A which promotes healthy and protected skin while you tan outdoors. The lotion is deemed safe, regardless of your skin type and tone.

#2 Australian Gold Bronzing Spray Intensifier

[amazon box=”B004R7R528″ link_id=”203″]

This spray intensifier is infused with strong ingredients that help speed up tanning results while providing ample protection. It has ingredients like tea tree oil to make your skin smoother, aloe for moisturization, and a good blend of caramel, carrot oil and walnut shell for longer-lasting tan.

#3 Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning Oil

[amazon box=”B0031DMKVA” link_id=”204″]

Other than giving you a golden glow, this tanning oil also keeps your skin radiant and smooth. It uses exotic island botanicals to speed up your tan and protect the skin from the sun. With the classic coconut fragrance, it should make your skin smelling fresh and sweet.

#4 Banana Boat Tanning Oil Spray

[amazon box=”B001ET77B6″ link_id=”205″]

This tanning oil spray is great for diving and swimming while getting tan. It features a reef- safe formula, so it is completely safe for the environment, too.

The tanning oil spray uses carrot, banana and coconut extracts, working together to give your skin a darker and richer color that should last for a long time. Also, it helps provide intense hydration.

#5 Panama Jack Tanning Oil Amplifier

[amazon box=”B00020YY1Y” link_id=”206″]

Thanks to its multi-action formula, this tanning oil helps deliver dark and deep tan as you enjoy the sun. It features nut and fruit extracts, in addition to exotic oils that help maximize tanning effectiveness.

The Best Tan Accelerator For Vacations and Holidays

These are more portable lotions that work the same way as tanning accelerator lotions. They contain ingredients effective for protecting you against the harmful UV rays of the sun.

#1 Australian Gold Sinfully Black Bronzing Lotion

[amazon box=”B002WJOOIQ” link_id=”207″]

It features a 15x deep darkening and bronzing power that provides instant results. The lotion contains caramel, monoi de Tahiti, and walnut shell ensuring long-lasting tan. Also, it features hemp seed oil for deep hydration of the skin. With its berry and fruity scent, this lotion provides a refreshing smell in every application.

#2 Supre Snooki Leg Ultra Dark Bronzer

[amazon box=”B00IUHP9VA” link_id=”208″]

Quite different than the rest of the products on this list, this lotion is specially formulated for leg application. The Hype Dark Tanning Technology provides a dark complexion instantly. Also, it is enriched with vitamins to benefit your skin.

The best part is that it contains ingredients that help slow down the growth of leg hairs. This makes it a perfect choice if you want to have a gorgeous tan and flawless skin at the same time.

#3 Australian Gold JWOWW Tanning Intensifier

[amazon box=”B00Q5HLJ5C” link_id=”209″]

This tan intensifier contains tyrosine that helps in speeding melanin production to darken your complexion faster. Also, it features raspberry and beeswax for hydrating and adding moisture to the skin.

Meanwhile, Shea butter and vitamin E help keep your skin softer as you enjoy the heat of the sun on your vacation.

Ingredients To Look For

In order to get only the highest level of effectiveness, here are some of the crucial
ingredients that you need to look for in a tan accelerator:

  • ALOE VERA: Effectively cool down and moisturize your skin.
  • ALMOND OIL: gentle oil that adds a sweet, subtle scent on tan accelerators. CARROT OIL: Helps strengthen the skin and preparing it for UV exposure.
  • COCOA BUTTER: It is extracted from cocoa beans and makes a great moisturizer.
  • COCONUT OIL: Similar to aloe vera and cocoa butter, coconut oil helps deliver moisturizing effects.
  • GREEN TEA EXTRACT: It helps minimize the possibility of getting sunburn when tanning outdoors.
  • OLIVE OIL: A good source of vitamin E, it helps prevent damage to skin side to tanning.

Several Tricks and Tips When Using Tan Accelerators

Here are a few tricks on how you can maximize the effectiveness of tan accelerators:

  • Take supplements with minerals and vitamins good for the skin. Vitamins D, C, and E are good as well as copper supplements to help improve tan results.
  • Test any products in a small area first. If it shows any signs of irritation stop using the product and looks for another one.
  • There are accelerators without SPF. So, if you got one without sun protection, make sure to apply sunscreen before tanning outdoors.
  • Whether you’re tanning outdoors or indoors, you need to start slowly. Prolonged exposure can irritate your skin.


With the best tan accelerators mentioned above, flaunting a sun-kissed, golden glow is quick and easy. You will not have to wait forever to see your skin finally comes to the dark brownish color that you always wanted!