Best Oil for Skin Tightening

As you age, your skin naturally begins to lose elasticity. As this happens, it wrinkles and sags. Fortunately, there are things you can do to help stave off this unwanted part of aging, things like eating right, getting enough rest, and drinking plenty of water.

However, you might sometimes need a little extra assistance. When you do, you can take advantage of the following oils.

1. Myrrh Oil
This essential oil is, perhaps, one of the most sought-after oils for treating the skin. Myrrh oil helps bring more oxygen to your tissues and helps soothe skin. In doing so, it helps treat cracking and chapping. Myrrh is also good for decreasing wrinkles. To tighten your skin, all that is required is to apply the following mixture to your face before bed.

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  • five drops of myrrh oil
  • four drops of frankincense oil
  • one tablespoon of argan oil

2. Jasmine oil
The revitalizing and healing properties found in this oil make jasmine a great choice for tightening your skin. It accelerates the generation of new cells and supports better blood circulation.

Additionally, it helps re-hydrate dry skin, which assists in the elimination of scars and smoothing of wrinkles.

For the best benefit, gently massage the affected areas with the following mixture.

  • four drops of jasmine oil
  • two drops of rose oil
  • one tablespoon of rosehip oil

3. Almond oil
The high content of vitamin E in almond oil gives this oil superior moisturizing properties. Almond oil will penetrate deeply into your skin while tightening it.

For best results, use upward circular motions, and gently massage the affected area until the oil soaks into your skin. Clean your face with lukewarm water after half an hour.

Depending on your skin-tightening needs, you can apply the oil every day at first. After a week or so, you can alternate days as your skin begins to tighten.

4. Vitamin E oil
Applying vitamin E oil directly to your skin will help prevent your skin from sagging. Additionally, it will keep your skin looking young while tightening any areas that may need some extra help. In fact, it may be the very best oil for skin tightening.

For best results, just pierce two capsules, and pour the oil into the palm of your hand. Every night before bed, gently apply the oil, in a circular motion, onto your neck and face until it is completely absorbed. Leave the oil on overnight.

5. Neroli oil
Neroli oil contains citral, a naturally occurring chemical that helps regenerate skin cells. Next to vitamin E oil, it is among the best oils for tightening your skin.

In terms of skin tightening, this oil is also known for its pore-reducing properties. Additionally, it helps improve skin resilience. In fact, neroli is a common ingredient in many anti-aging masks and creams.

To tighten your skin, apply the following mixture.

  • four drops of neroli oil
  • two drops of rose oil
  • one tablespoon of sweet almond oil

6. Patchouli oil
Patchouli oil has many uses. You can dilute it using a light carrier oil and then massage the oil into your skin. In doing so, it will help minimize the appearance of cellulite and wrinkles. However, perhaps more interesting, patchouli is anti-inflammatory, so it helps reduce puffiness.

For best results, apply the following mixture to your skin to reduce pore size and tighten your skin.

  • two drops of patchouli
  • four drops of sandalwood
  • three drops of Bergamot FCF
  • two drops of carrot seed
  • one tablespoon of grapeseed oil