Best Natural Shampoo for Seborrheic Dermatitis: Reviewed in 2022

Seborrheic dermatitis is a skin condition that affects your scalp. It is characterized by red skin, scaly skin, and thick dandruff. Your scalp is not the only area of your body that can be affected by Seborrheic dermatitis, it can also affect your chest, face, eyebrows, ears, eyelids, and nose. Below we’ll discuss the best natural shampoo for seborrheic dermatitis.

What is Seborrheic Dermatitis?

Other names for Seborrheic dermatitis are dandruff, seborrheic psoriasis, and seborrheic eczema. This skin condition can occur in both children and adults. Oftentimes, this skin condition is known as cradle cap in infants. It affects both men and women.

Flaky skin and red itchy skin are the top symptoms of Seborrheic dermatitis. The symptoms of this skin condition are usually more prevalent during cold temperatures and dry seasons. Flare-ups are unpredictable and difficult to manage.

There is not one specific culprit for causing the skin condition. Most times it is connected the overactivity of your scalp and the rate that it produces skin cells. Your immune system plays an important role on how severe this skin condition can become.

If you have Seborrheic dermatitis the condition may disappear on its own. Some people do not need any treatment, but others need help controlling their symptoms. You should develop a daily cleansing routine that incorporates a gentle shampoo. I will review the best natural shampoo for seborrheic dermatitis.

7 of the Best Natural Shampoo for Seborrheic Dermatitis

#1 Nizoral A-D Anti-Dandruff Shampoo (7 oz)

First in my list of the best natural shampoo for seborrheic dermatitis is Nizoral shampoo. It is clinically tested and proven to help fight extreme dandruff. This shampoo helps to provide relief for flaky and itchy skin. This product does not have to be used every day. It can be used twice a day, or in between using your regular shampoo.

Your hair type does not matter with this shampoo. It works on all hair types including gray hair. No matter the hair type, this shampoo works to eliminate the effects of Seborrheic dermatitis.

Nizoral A-D Anti-Dandruff Shampoo contains ketoconazole. This is an ingredient that binds to the protein in your hair. When ketoconazole attaches to your hair follicles automatically kill dandruff. The ketoconazole ingredient allows your scalp to remain healthy and free of flakes.

Do you like shampoo that lathers well? This shampoo creates a thick lather for a cleansing wash. It does not require the use of a large amount; a little goes a long way. After using this shampoo, your hair will gradually become healthier and easier to manage.

The Nizoral shampoo controls flakiness and itchiness. This shampoo can eliminate stubborn and thick dandruff. This brand of shampoo is the only over-the-counter shampoo that contains ketoconazole. With this ingredient alone, Nizoral is one of the top-rated shampoos for Seborrheic dermatitis.

Nizoral has a fresh scent. For the best benefit, you should not use this shampoo during the same day you use your regular shampoo. People that have dandruff can lose a lot of hair. The active ingredients in Nizoral can also help to control hair loss.

#2 Dr. Eddie’s Happy Cappy Shampoo (8 oz)

Dr. Eddie’s Happy Cappy shampoo is the best natural shampoo for seborrheic dermatitis in children. It is made specifically for children. It is both a shampoo and a body wash. It is recommended as the pediatric shampoo to fight redness, scaling and flaking scalp.

This shampoo is great for children of all ages. It’s the first over-the-counter shampoo that was made specifically for the treatment of dandruff in children. Pyrithione zinc is a prominent ingredient in this shampoo, it is FDA approved and provides dandruff relief.

Dr. Eddie’s shampoo is safe and effective for children. It includes licorice root extract to aid in the elimination of redness and inflammation. The shampoo is fragrance-free. Dermatologists and parents highly recommend this shampoo. It leaves hair and skin smooth and free of dandruff.

What makes this shampoo excellent for children of all ages is that it only contains natural ingredients. The shampoo is cruelty-free. It does not contain alcohol that can further dry out the scalp. No harmful dyes or parabens are included in this shampoo. It is 100% vegan.

You will be able to visibly notice a change after two washes with Dr. Eddie’s Happy Cappy Shampoo. It is recommended to use daily if your child has a severe case of Seborrheic dermatitis. As you begin to see improvement in the scalp health of your child, you can taper the use of the shampoo to twice a week. Within two weeks you will see great improvement.

Although this shampoo was specifically designed for children. It is also a good option for adults that have sensitive skin. It can still provide an effect for adults with Seborrheic dermatitis, especially if your skin does not do well with stronger products.

#3 Maple Holistics Sage Shampoo (8 oz & 16 oz)

The Maple Holistics Sage Shampoo is an anti-dandruff product. It helps to balance the number of flakes your scalp produces. The shampoo cleanses your scalp and hair follicles without being harmful to your skin.

Dirt and oil are removed from your hair. The shampoo helps to nourish dry skin and promotes healthy hair growth. When you use the shampoo, it can revive dull hair by adding luster and shine.

The natural oils included in the Maple Holistics Sage Shampoo are key to nourishing and revitalizing your scalp. This shampoo includes peach kernel, argan oil, and jojoba oil to nourish the flake-filled scalp.

Vibrancy is returned to your hair follicles with continued use of this shampoo. It contains keratin that strengthens brittle hair that was damaged from dandruff. The shampoo reduces frizz and adds volume to your hair.

In addition to its anti-dandruff properties, the shampoo includes all-natural ingredients. It contains tea tree and rosemary oils.

The combination of essential oils and other therapeutic ingredients allows the shampoo to reduce the appearance of dandruff in your hair. It balances the pH of your scalp and hair. This product is awesome for all hair types. If you have a sensitive scalp, this shampoo is gentle and will not harm your scalp.

Sage oil provides antioxidants to the shampoo. The antioxidants help to protect your scalp. Your complexion is restored with the sage oil. The sage oil stimulates your scalp and promotes hair thickness. It helps to diminish the redness and soreness that dandruff can cause.

Best Natural Shampoo for Seborrheic Dermatitis: Reviewed in 2022

#4 M3 Naturals Tea Tree Oil Shampoo (16 oz)

This shampoo uses natural ingredients to remove impurities from your scalp. It restores moisture and eliminates dandruff. It works to reduce itchy scalp and hydrates dry hair.

The M3 Natural Tea Tree Oil Shampoo is infused with collagen and biotin. It includes high-quality almond oil and jojoba oil. Argan oil provides your hair with a natural sheen and luster. The healing properties of jojoba oil soothe and heal your damaged scalp.

Dandruff can halt healthy hair growth. The biotin in this shampoo promotes hair growth by adding necessary nutrients. The shampoo is also made with avocado oil, apple cider vinegar, and collagen. The apple cider vinegar serves as an anti-fungal agent. It eliminates any bacteria that causes dandruff. The apple cider vinegar thoroughly cleanses your skin.

This shampoo is great for men and women. It promotes healthy hair growth in all types of hair. The shampoo strengthens the roots of your hair that was damaged by flaking and dandruff.

All-natural ingredients are used in the creation of this best natural shampoo for seborrheic dermatitis. It is made in the United States and free of any chemicals. All the ingredients are sourced and derived from pure forms.

The M3 Natural shampoo improves the health of your hair and skin. It has anti-septic capabilities that cleanse the bacteria and impurities from your skin. The anti-septic power of the shampoo causes dandruff to diminish and eventually disappear.

Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory oil. it can help with swelling dandruff may cause in your skin. It also helps to heal itchy scalp, frizz, and dryness. This shampoo restores the natural shine and glow of your hair.

#5 Ethique Eco-Friendly Shampoo Bar (3.8 oz)

The Ethique brand has a mission to help the world eliminate plastic waste. Their products are completely sustainable and made from natural ingredients. All products made by Ethique are completely sustainable and come from eco-friendly sources.

40% of all plastic comes from product packaging. Because of its sustainability mission. The shampoo does not come in a traditional plastic bottle. Instead, the shampoo comes in a bar form in a compostable box.

Heali Kiwi is used in the shampoo. The amount of Heali Kiwi used in the shampoo bar is equivalent to using 3 bottles of liquid shampoo. The shampoo bar is free of soap, this is great because it does not dry out your hair.

Dandruff is treated by the Heali Kiwi. There is a combination of neem oil, oatmeal, coconut oil, Karanja oil and kiwifruit oil infused in this shampoo bar. It instantly eliminates itchiness and irritation. The neem oil is excellent to heal your scalp issues.

The Karanja oil aids with the healing and cleaning of your scalp. It helps to eliminate dandruff and soothe your scalp. Dandruff usually reacts well with the combination of oils in this shampoo. Dandruff is quickly eliminated, and moisture is returned to your hair.

If you are wondering how to use a shampoo bar, it is quite easy. First, you wet your hair the same way you would before using liquid shampoo. You also wet the shampoo bar.

Next, you rub the shampoo bar from the root to the tip of your multiple times. Create a lather and cleanse your hair, focusing on your scalp. Finally, you rinse the shampoo. It works exactly like liquid shampoo, but this bar is far eco-friendlier.

The Ethique Shampoo Bar is gentle enough for everyone to use. You will not find any harmful ingredients or chemicals in this shampoo. It is 100% natural. It is recommended to continuously use the shampoo bar to get rid of dandruff and to restore the skin on your scalp.

Another great feature of this shampoo bar is that when you purchase it, you will prevent three plastic bottles from being made.

#6 Pura D’orApple Cider Vinegar Shampoo (16 oz)

This product comes as a set, with both shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo provides hydration to encourage thicker hair. Moisturizing ingredients are infused in the shampoo.

Pura D’or shampoo is a natural deep cleansing product. It helps to clarify your damaged scalp. Its clarifying properties eliminate impurities from your hair and scalp that cause dandruff. The shampoo has an invigorating blend of nutrients and vitamins.

Apple cider vinegar plays a key role in repairing damaged scalp. To create a healthy hair environment, apple cider vinegar destroys bacteria and fungus. After eliminating foreign substances, the apple cider vinegar then adds volume and shine to your hair.

Another key property of the apple cider vinegar included in this shampoo is the restoration capabilities. It balances the pH levels of your hair and scalp. If your scalp is too acidic or too basic, it can cause a hormonal imbalance and lead to hair deficiencies.

Pura D’or shampoo locks in moisture improve the manageability of your hair and reduce dryness. Frizz is also maintained with the shampoo. There are 15 active ingredients in this shampoo that play a role in hair repair.

Biotin, castor oil, and other botanical ingredients add to the healing and growth properties of Pura D’or shampoo. This shampoo aids in eliminating dandruff and it is great for men and women. The biotin adds protein to your tresses.

All the ingredients in this product are natural. All the ingredients are friendly on your hair and friendly to the environment. This shampoo does not include artificial additives, parabens, silicones, or sulfates. The shampoo is also cruelty-free.

#7 Lotus Rx All Natural Anti-Dandruff Shampoo (8.45 oz)

The Lotus Rx shampoo is manufactured in the United States. The shampoo combines scientific research and the best essential oils. Itchy scalp is eliminated with this shampoo. Lotus Rx is one of the most effective anti-dandruff treatments.

No matter your hair type, this antidandruff shampoo is great for you. Color-treated hair is safe with this shampoo. The Lotus Rx shampoo includes many organic oils that have been clinically researched and tested to moisturize your scalp. Dandruff can leave your hair extremely dry and brittle; this shampoo activates restoration.

The herbal solution and natural oils combined allow you to eliminate dandruff problems and form a protective layer on your scalp to prevent future flare-ups.

Chamomile oil and nettle oil ensures that your scalp is healed and free from the itchy feeling. The chamomile gives the shampoo a cooling and calming sensation. It helps to relieve the irritation that can be caused by dandruff. Lotus Rx is a great botanical shampoo for scalp problems.

This shampoo is free of sulfates and parabens. All the ingredients are natural, and the packaging is recyclable. A great eco-friendly antidandruff natural shampoo.