Best Lotion for Black Skin: Reviewed in 2022

It’s true that black skin has a natural resistance to certain factors like developing lines and wrinkles due to the thickness of the skin. Also, the skin can withstand UV rays better. Even so, black skin isn’t completely immune to the sun, and it can experience other issues such as hyper-pigmentation, acne, and dryness. So, it’s important to find the best lotion for black skin that can moisturize without leaving skin feeling oily.

We researched seven top-rated products, providing thorough reviews to help you choose the right lotion for your skincare needs.

Top 7 Best Lotion for Black Skin Reviewed

#1 Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Lotion

First on our list of best lotion for black skin is Palmer’s Cocoa Butter. It is a popular choice for people of varying skin types, but in particular for black skinned users thanks to how well it moisturizes and also helps the skin maintain a soft, silky sensation. You may also be able to use this as a full-body lotion from head to toe. It comes in a 7.25oz jar.

For starters, this is designed to work as skin therapy, healing your skin from a number of complications. This includes normal dryness or more serious issues as in the case with eczema. Moreover, Palmer’s boast that this is a multi-purpose lotion. Beyond healing rough or dry skin, this cocoa butter lotion formula aims to treat the likes of stretch marks and scars, blending them over to smooth the skin.

You may even find that this provides much-needed moisture to areas that are often neglected such as your cuticles. Some might even opt to use this along with shaving as it may help fight off razor burn so that your skin maintains a softer appearance and feel.

Palmer’s manages to accomplish these things thanks to the quality ingredients used. The key ingredient is, of course, cocoa butter. This is known to act as a natural moisturizer that can soften up even the driest and roughest patches of skin. Another important substance used is Vitamin E. This can further help heal your skin for those of you who may be struggling with more severe issues.

This cocoa butter lotion is also made to penetrate deeply, moisturizing all day long under various weather conditions from the warm sun to those drier winter days. The formula is also designed to restore your skin’s natural moisture without leaving it feeling oily which makes it one of the best lotion for black skin.

#2 Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Lotion

With this moisturizer from Aveeno, you may feel soft skin for up to 24 hours. It is made in a 18oz bottle that uses a pump lid dispenser so that you may have an easier time controlling how much or how little you need to use.

Known as a fragrance-free and dermatologist-recommended skincare brand, this body lotion from the company might be helpful for those of you who have skin that’s easily irritated. This has been clinically tested and proven to treat cases of dry skin and leave your skin feeling healthier after just a short time using it.

Rather than just adding moisture, the formula created in the lotion tries to help replenish the moisture that your skin should already make on its own. Aveeno uses a simple, yet unique oatmeal blend that is designed to be gentle, effective, and fast-absorbing, truly the best lotion for black skin.

Oat alone usually boasts special properties that aid in relieving dry skin as well as skin that may be itchy or otherwise irritated. Beyond soothing your skin, this formula may help attract moisture that can then form a barrier on the top of your skin to lock everything in, preventing dry skin from affecting you in the first place.

The oatmeal formula that the Aveeno lotion uses also aims to be non-greasy. So, there shouldn’t be too much concern about your skin ever feeling oily, which may encourage you to add this to your skincare arsenal as a daily body lotion. It just might be even more useful during the winter months since it claims to temporarily protect cracked skin as well as prevent the cold weather from drying you out.

#3 Jergens Ultra Healing Moisturizer

The Jergens Ultra Healing Moisturizer advertises itself more as a body lotion for users who have to deal with extra dry skin, an unfortunate issue for many people with black skin. The moisturizer tries to treat the more typical areas of dryness such as around the heels, knees, and elbows. You can even choose how much you need since the product comes in a number of different sized bottles such as a 10oz and a 32oz.

This lotion uses a formula that’s designed with safe ingredients. It’s a specialized hydralucence blend that makes good use of Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, and Vitamin C in order to try to heal your dryness issue down to the very source. Because of this, the lotion claims to be able to penetrate five layers of skin.

You may not just feel the moisturizing benefits, but you might also notice more visible improvements in your skin. In fact, this moisturizer might help improve your skin’s natural tone, evening it all out.

Hydration should be long-lasting too without you feeling greasy, locking in hydration for up to 48 hours. This should help your skin’s texture improve as well as leave your skin with a natural glow.

You may notice some of these good results from using this Jergens lotion daily as well as applying a rather generous amount. Perhaps even focus more on your problem areas. The lotion has a good amount of thickness to it, so a little might go a long way when you apply it.

Best Moisturizer for Black Skin: Reviewed in 2022

#4 Eucerin Advanced Repair Lotion

Creating a combination of various quality ingredients, the Eucerin Advanced Repair Lotion may be best for those of you in need of advanced healing for more serious cases of dry skin. This 16.9oz pump bottle might be able to last you awhile too even under daily use of the lotion.

Enriched with ingredients such as ceramides-3 along with natural moisturizing elements, this body lotion fights off dryness from the source and up to the surface. It tries to penetrate deeper in order to give you a more intense healing effect. The ceramides-3 attempts to focus on the skin’s barrier though. This is done in an effort to lock in the moisture so that your skin remains soft long after you’ve initially used the lotion.

This repair lotion may also try to provide you with more immediate relief, should you need it. The hydration is designed to last for up to 48 hours too.

Eucerin still created a gentle formula that’s safe enough to allow this lotion to be dermatologist-recommended. With it also being fragrance-free, sensitive skin people may be able to use the lotion without worry of triggering a breakout.

You may also notice that the lotion has a somewhat lightweight feel to it as well as a non-greasy sensation. It should still absorb into the skin well in addition to making sure you don’t feel weighed down even if you apply a lot. As for when you should use it, this might work better when applied after showering.

#5 NIVEA Cocoa Butter Body Cream

NIVEA is another well-known brand, and their Cocoa Butter Body Cream has a good deal of popularity for how well it can help those with black skin.

This cream is not overtly heavy, so it shouldn’t leave your skin feeling or looking oily. Instead, your skin may come across as more radiant, glowing. This is something that might occur for some users after a single use. It should help provide your skin a large amount of hydration for up to 48 hours so you don’t necessarily have to use it every day if you don’t want to. Still, it’s recommended for you to apply daily, especially if you need to repair heavily dry skin.

The 15.5oz jar that it comes in should provide you with enough to last awhile. This may be further helped in how well it rubs in. A small amount may be able to give you ample coverage even if you use it all around your body.

On the notion of the cream itself, this features a rich formula to deliver more intense moisturizing therapy to your dry and dull skin. Along with its deep moisture serum, the lotion uses Vitamin E as well as the evident cocoa butter. Such a formula like this provides a light, but noticeable enough scent.

The consistency is smooth and nice without feeling sticky as you apply it. This formula from NIVEA might also help moisture be steadier so that you can combat the usual culprits behind dry skin such as harsh, cold weather. The cocoa butter inside this may also assist in healing rougher, cracked skin without causing irritations.

#6 Olay Ultra Moisture Shea Butter In-Shower Lotion

Olay is notorious for its many skincare products, but this Ultra Moisture In-Shower Lotion stands out. As the name implies, this body lotion is meant for use when you take a shower. For those of you who haven’t used this type of lotion before, you should first wash up as you normally would. Once you’ve rinsed off, simply apply this onto your wet skin and rinse off.

The reasoning for it to be used in the shower rather than when you’re out and dry is that the lotion makes use of your shower’s humidity. It pairs with the warmth and water to better infuse your skin with its moisturizing properties.

You may not step out with visibly glowing skin, but you may certainly feel a different kind of softness. The Shea butter used in the lotion’s formula should help fight off extra dry skin and those of you who may have problems with flaking and dull skin, more so around the elbows and knees.

This Olay In-Shower Lotion may give off a fragrance, but it does seem to still be gentle so you can use it every day when you take a shower. Remember to pat yourself dry afterwards so you don’t wipe anything off, and you might just feel some results in around five days or so.

The product is available in a 15.2oz bottle that has a snap lid that resembles some shower gels. Or you can opt to get it in a 30oz, but that has a pump bottle design instead.

#7 Tree Hut Shea Body Butter

Free from harmful chemicals like parabens, the Tree Hut Shea Body Butter features a 24-hour formula. This is meant to give you intense hydration all over your body from your hands to your legs and feet. It may work best when you apply it right after showering or after exfoliation treatments.

This features a unique collection of ingredients. You may notice the use of 100% natural Shea butter, which is common from the Tree Hut brand. This organic Shea butter is rich in the vitamins your skin needs to stay healthy. By nourishing the skin, the body butter may help prevent your skin from drying out too.

The protection against drying is granted thanks to the use of safflower seed oil. This ingredient serves as a natural skin conditioner so that your skin has a healthier glow. Along with that, the body butter might promote elasticity so your skin remains firm. This best lotion for black skin also goes to work against cracked skin in case you need to repair any damaged areas.

There are other skin safe and enhancing oils Tree Hut uses such as avocado, sweet almond, and orange oil. Available in a 7oz jar, the cream seems to have a good consistency like body butters should have. It rubs in rather well too. As for the smell, some may enjoy the fact that this comes in nine different scents.