Best DHT Blocker Shampoos on the Market

Are you in the market for the best dht blocker for shampoos? Look no further, we got it all here listed for you! Whether you are a male or a female, we all have a common enemy of our hair follicles. It’s called DHT (dihydrotestosterone) a product of the male sex hormone, testosterone.

Now here is the problem; DHT wants your hair follicles dead!

But the good news is that you can stop this hair loss problem.

And an easy way to go about this is preventing DHT from binding to your hair follicle. You have to use the best DHT Blocker for Shampoos for your hair and scalp.

The science behind these shampoos shows that they act as claimed. They even contain ingredients that not only help to block DHT, but enrich the scalp, and promote healthy hair growth.

But be careful because there are tons of DHT Blocker shampoo products out there. And not all can effectively block DHT or prevent hair loss as they claim.

Here, we have managed to handpick top quality products after a series of in-depth research and other considerations such as constituents, price points, and brand reputation.

After going through this guide, you should be able to identify the best DHT blocking shampoo for you.

#1 Pronexa Hairgenics Hair Growth Shampoo

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HairGenics, the manufacturer of this DHT blocking shampoo is FDA certified. And the company has a solid reputation in the beauty industry.

The Pronexa Hair Growth Shampoo comes packed with a combination of DHT blocking ingredients, which not only discourages hair loss. They work synergistically to offer you the lush locks you crave.

In addition to biotin, this formula comes loaded with adequate proportions of seaweed and aloe Vera extract.

The aloe Vera extract helps to fix the scalp’s dead skin cells, prevents itching, and conditions the hair. It will also leave you with dandruff-free hair.

The seaweed extract is a remarkable ingredient in this formula. It is known to promote hair growth and restore the hair’s natural sheen. This ingredient also makes the hair a breeze to manage, which is something everyone craves.

However, biotin deficiency reportedly causes thinning of the hair. But the good part is that taking biotin supplements or using biotin-rich shampoos can reverse it.

Excitingly, the Pronexa Hairgenics Hair Growth Shampoo comes loaded with an adequate amount of biotin. Hence it not only thickens the hair but promotes hair growth.

So if you want the best dht blocker for shampoos that can fix hair loss problems without damaging the scalp, the Pronexa Hairgenics Hair Growth Shampoo is a wise choice.

This product comes loaded with certified organic ingredients. It is also not only safe to use but helps to promote scalp health.

#2 Watermans Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner – Combo Pack

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This Watermans shampoo is another wise choice for men and women who are tired of their hair loss challenges.

It’s a well-known DHT blocking shampoo in the United Kingdom and touted as one of the best dht blocker for shampoos for addressing hair loss problems.

But here is a little advice. Before you splash the cash on a product that has argan oil, make sure it is parabens free. Parabens aren’t good for scalp and hair health so watch out for this ingredient.

Here is something exciting about the Watermans Shampoo; it is parabens and sulfates free. So you are free to apply on your hair and scalp without having a second thought.

The formula also contains rosemary extract; an ingredient touted to improve blood circulation in the scalp to prevent hair loss.

The rosemary extract also nourishes hair follicles and soothes the scalp, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties and high nutritional value.

In addition to the rosemary extract, Watermans Shampoo also combines other ingredients to promote better scalp and hair health.

The formula combines allantoin, argan oil, biotin, caffeine, and Niacinamide to improve the appearance of your hair.

When you apply this product, the texture of your chemical or physically damaged hair will start to improve over time.

#3 Maple Holistics Biotin Shampoo for Hair Growth

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The Maple Holistics Shampoo is another brand of DHT blocker that is sure to shine. The product contains powerful ingredients that can help to discourage DHT build up and moisturize your scalp as well.

In addition to biotin, this thickening shampoo comes loaded with all-natural botanical constituents to deliver an enormous amount of nutrient to your scalp. It contains natural ingredients like coconut oil, argan oil, rosemary, jojoba oil, olive oil. The product also comes with other powerful extracts that leaves you with a healthy hair and scalp.

The constituents are also clinically proven to be effective for DHT blocking and proper hair growth. Jojoba oil, for instance, helps to hydrate and nourish the hair.

The jojoba oil extract will also strengthen each one of your hair strands, thus increasing the volume and fullness of your locks.

Biotin is another incredible ingredient in this formula. It helps to thicken your hair by strengthening keratin, a protein that makes up your hair strands.

One of the highlighted features of this DHT blocking shampoo is that it stimulates hair follicles. Don’t forget that hair grows outwardly from the follicles, and research shows that improved blood circulation and a healthy scalp can encourage proper hair growth. That makes this product a wise choice in the fight to prevent hair loss.

#4 Ultrax Lab Hair Surge Shampoo

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The Ultrax Lab Hair Surge Shampoo is one DHT blocking shampoo that stands out from the crowd. The product has a great mixture of powerful ingredients that can prevent hair loss and nourish your scalp.

The action of DHT, a hormone made from testosterone, is what leads to hair loss. And this hormone is present in the skin, prostate, and hair follicle.

The good news is that it’s possible to block testosterone in the skin. And the Ultrax Lab Hair Surge Shampoo has what it takes to make that to happen.

Clinical trials have shown how saw palmetto, one of the constituents of this shampoo, helps to blocks the enzyme called 5-alpha-reductase, which is responsible for transforming testosterone to the baldness-causing hormone, DHT.

Caffeine is another addition to this product that makes it effective for tackling hair loss problems. Studies have proven that caffeine, when applied to the scalp, can increase the life cycle of hair follicles and promote good health for your scalp.

Caffeine also helps to improve blood circulation in your scalp, leading to improved hair growth and healthy scalp.

But then, if you are eager to get the best result from this product, ensure you use for at least 5 weeks or a bit more. Overall, this DHT blocking shampoo does the job it is meant to handle.

#5 Earth Chemistry Organic DHT Blocking Shampoo

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A DHT blocking shampoo with 10% rosemary oil extract isn’t a bad idea. In addition to rosemary, the other constituents of this budget-friendly organic shampoo indicate that the product is a wise choice.

Not many organic DHT shampoo at this price point can act like the Earth Chemistry DHT blocking shampoo. The bottle is also a good size and might serve you for a considerable period.

That said the peppermint oil in this formula has excellent anti-microbial and anti-septic properties. These qualities also make it suitable for improving scalp health. This Earth Chemistry Shampoo can also get rid of dandruff and even lice from your hair.

This shampoo has a lovely smell and contains ingredients that will fill your scalp with nutrients.

This shampoo is also suitable for males and females and works effectively for flat, greasy, and oily hair.

The sea salt, one of the constituents of this product, is excellent for hair treatment. It rids the scalp of dead skin cells, thus encouraging peripheral blood circulation.

And in addition to ensuring scalp renewal, studies also show that sea salt absorbs excess oils from both the scalp and hair when applied topically.

Earth Chemistry Organic DHT Blocking Shampoo is budget-friendly and contains 100% plant-based ingredients. The fact that it is also parabens free, sulfates, silicone, and alcohol-free makes it great for hair treatment.

#6 Majestic Pure Hair Loss Shampoo

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The Majestic Pure Hair Loss Shampoo is another product that leaves no stone unturned. The formula comes loaded with ingredients that eliminate traces of DHT as quickly as possible.

Impressively, this formula is free from parabens, sulfates and other harsh chemicals that can damage your natural hair.

To use this shampoo, slather it on your hair and massage gently into the trouble areas. Leave for a few minutes before you wash off.

You should start noticing positive results from 3 weeks upwards. But make sure you use it consistently.

This formula contains Serenoa serrulata, which is a saw palmetto extract that helps to block DHT at the follicular level.

The Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis extract in this formula, according to studies, also has excellent hair growth potentials, too.

The hibiscus flower is rich in amino acid and vitamin C, which improves blood circulation in the scalp to help encourage natural hair growth

Another remarkable addition to this product is the Melaleuca alternifolia oil extract. It keeps the hair strong, clean, and dandruff free.

#7 PURA D’OR Hair Thinning Therapy Shampoo

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After 8 weeks of use, participants in a study involving the use of the PURA D’OR Hair shampoo observed thicker, healthier, and improved hair growth. There was less hair in the brushes used, suggesting that PURA D’OR reduces hair thinning as claimed.

Impressively, this formula combines several DHT blocking and hair growth promoters to tackle hair loss problems. Among the constituents are Saw Palmetto, Nettle Extract, and He Shou Wu.

He Shou Wu is a versatile Chinese herb that not only restores hair color but helps to fix hair loss issues.

The black cumin seed oil in this shampoo helps to strengthen hair follicles and moisturize your scalp.

This PURA D’OR shampoo helps to tackle hair loss problems from the root. It also detangles and leaves your hair with a healthy look.

So if you want to keep DHT at bay, and restore hair color, consider the PURA D’OR shampoo.

Factors to consider when choosing the Best DHT Blocker Shampoos

Hey, before you splash the cash on that DHT blocker shampoo, read this! There are points you have to consider when selecting such a DHT blocker. Since it is your first time buying such products, these tips will help you to make the best choice that you won’t ever regret. Read on!

  1. Check the ingredients

    What makes a DHT blocker shampoo effective? It’s the ingredients. A DHT blocker needs to have the right combination of ingredients to be effective for hair loss treatment or DHT blocking.

    So check the constituents of your product of choice. Are the ingredients also clinically proven to be beneficial for hair loss treatment? Do your research to know more about each of the constituents of the product you are buying.

    In this review, you will discover that we went a little bit deep into the constituents of each product. We ensured that products added on the list had ingredients that were clinically proven to be effective and safe for hair loss treatment.

    Again, make sure you avoid products with ingredients that can damage your hair and scalp. Ensure the product is parabens free, sulfates free, gluten-free, and hypoallergenic. You should also check to ensure that the product doesn’t contain harmful chemicals too.

  2. Price

    Each DHT blocker shampoo brand comes with a price tag. So before making your final decision, make sure what you are buying is not above your budget.

    You can figure out the product that has the best price by making a simple comparison. In this case, you have to check the price tag of each shampoo to know which is cheaper. You can also pay attention to the size of the bottle. The bigger the container, the higher the volume of product!

    But then, your primary focus should be the quality and effectiveness of the product. And this should come first before anything.


You have the power to prevent or stop hair loss! You can block DHT, enhance hair growth, and nourish your scalp with the best DHT blocker shampoo. The products on this list come packed with ingredients that can make that to happen. They are also suitable for males and females.

So are you tired of your hair loss problem? Do you want to maintain your natural hair color, nourish your scalp, and prevent hair loss? Get the best DHT blocker shampoos right away.