Best Crease-Free Foundations for Mature Skin


Foundations are the cornerstone of most women’s makeup routine. They offer coverage, even the skin, and help us cultivate a glowing complexion. While there is a foundation out there for every skin concern as we age certain skin priorities take precedence over others.

We long for a foundation that will help us achieve radiant and luminous skin but all too many formulas leave us with creased, cakey complexions. Many foundations are not tailored to mature skin and rather than improve the skin they settle into facial fine lines and wrinkles.

Before eschewing foundation in its entirety it pays to do some research and discover a curated and specially formulated blend that will enable you to look fresh and healthy without appearing overdone. Dry, cakey formulas begone – today we will offer up some of our
favorite products for mature skin and offer some simple application tips to help you get the most out of your foundation.

The Best Foundations for Mature Skin

Juice Beauty – Phyto-Pigments Flawless Serum Foundation

This stellar line of products features natural and organic ingredients that have been ethically sourced. The Phyto-Pigments line includes nourishing ingredients like aloe leaf compounds and coconut oils. These ingredients support your skin in retaining moisture and reduce the appearance of fine lines and dehydrated skin texture.

Kjaer Weis – Cream Foundation

This hardworking foundation contains almond, jojoba, and coconut oils to soothe the skin and foster improved skin elasticity. The finish is semi-matte and the creamy application is perfect for mature skin.

Bobbi Brown Skin – Foundation Stick

Targeted and efficient moisturizing that will hydrate and nourish mature skin. The creamy finish is lightweight and won’t crease with wear.

It Cosmetics – Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream

A full-coverage foundation that offers SPF 50 and won’t crease. Even better? The blend comes specially formulated with an anti-aging serum so you can care for your complexion while you go about your life.

Jouer Cosmetics – Essential High Coverage Creme Foundation

This high-impact foundation contains hyaluronic acid for radiant and glowing skin. The blendable texture won’t crease and the matte finish is polished.

Application Tips – Get the Most From Your Makeup

Invest in a Primer

Primers seem like one of those products that exist just for the sake of it. Not so! A specially designed primer creates a thin layer over your skin and can help you cultivate a matte, luminous base for following makeup products. The primer serves as something of a canvas for your foundation, allowing it to blend like silk. Instead of settling into the fine lines on your skin the foundation sits evenly on the base the primer creates.

Always Moisturize

One of the reasons foundations crease? Dry, unmoisturized skin. You simply can’t create a flawless and smooth complexion if you skip the moisturizer. Always moisturize before applying a primer and allow the product to sink in prior to applying further products.

Blend with a Damp Sponge

While the tried and true fingertip application is fine when you are in a pinch the best way to create a healthy and natural finish is to apply your foundation with a damp beauty blending sponge. The damp applicator creates a smoother application and imbues the skin with a subtle hit of moisture. This moisture keeps your foundation looking radiant longer and helps prevent the dryness that leads to cakey foundation clumps.

Embrace a Finishing Spray

Much like a primer, a finishing spray may seem frivolous. On the contrary, a good finishing spray can lock in your foundation and provide long-lasting hydration. We specifically advocate finishing sprays that contain moisturizing compounds. The result is foundation that will stay in place longer. A misting spray is a good tool to bring out for reapplication throughout the day. You will look refreshed longer and you’ll get more use out of your foundation – a true win win!

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